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Two Golf Bags

Tidy room, tidy mind- the same actually applies to golf. As a golfer, you tend to have a lot of golf *stuff* around the house, which can be a hassle to track down or end up looking a bit cluttered. The fix is to grab a golf bag organizer. They allow you to have all of your golf equipment in one convenient (and very well organized) place. If you are forever searching around for your shoes, tees, balls, and other golf gear, bring some clarity and get your golf life in order. Here we’ll discuss what a golf bag organizer is for, as well as diving into the best golf bag organizers on the market this year.

In a Rush? | Here’s our top pick

The Suncast Vertical Utility Storage Cabinet offers pretty much everything you’ll need to keep your golf bag and your other gear organized. It features four decent-sized storage compartments along with an upper ‘bin’ to keep smaller items like tees, balls, and pencils.

The mesh sides prevent it from looking too imposing while still allowing your gear to dry with decent ventilation. It is really sturdy and well made, making it the ideal choice if you are looking for the best golf club organizer.

Choosing the Best Golf bag Organizers | Buying Guide

Choosing a really great golf club organizer is easy… Provided you stick to a few simple guidelines. Here are the things that I tend to look for when picking the best golf bag organizer…


The whole point is to allow you to quickly and easily access all of your golf equipment. For that to be a real possibility, you should pick one that will comfortably accommodate your gear.

Yes, that means all of your gear. We are all guilty of acquiring a lot in pursuit of our hobby. It is natural. Here are the things that you’ll likely want to fit in your organizer, so make sure it is big enough:

If it looks like you won’t have space for any of the above items, then it is time to consider going bigger when choosing the best golf club organizer.


Be sure that you will have sufficient space to comfortably accommodate the organizer too. Before investing, it is well worth measuring the ‘footprint’ in your garage, home, or apartment …

Compartments and Drawers


A golf organizer is more than a big box. The clue is in the name. Organizer. That means that you must ensure that it has sufficient compartments to keep all of your necessary golf equipment compartmentalized.

I tend to look for organizers that have several shelves or even drawers. That way, I can keep it all nice and neat, and every single piece of golf equipment has a ‘home.


You’ll no doubt be aware that your bag weighs a fair amount. Repeated use and pulling it in and out is bound to take its toll over time. So be sure to pick an organizer that looks solid, and is made with highly durable materials.

Golf gear can sometimes get a little bit wet too. You will probably want something that isn’t going to corrode or rust with exposure to water.


Adjustable feet are a must in my book. There’s no worse feeling than finding your irons resting on the side of your car. By being able to adjust the feet, you can ensure absolute stability, regardless of the surface.

Easy to Clean

A nice organized set of clubs looks great. A dirty mess in the corner does not. Be sure to pick a setup that can be given a quick once over from time to time, especially when it is dirty.


Not all golf organizers have this feature, but it is well worth looking for. There’s nothing more annoying than getting a scratch on the top of your new driver. If you are lifting clubs in and out often, it is bound to happen.

The answer?

Look for units that have padded sections on any sharp edges. While it won’t eliminate the risk of your pride and joy getting scratched, it will go some way to preventing it.


This all boils down to personal preference, but it is still important to consider. A bright orange rack in the middle of the room isn’t going to compliment the wallpaper.

I normally tend to opt for something pretty neutral with a dark frame. That way, your clubs and the other gear are easy to see and stand out for the right reasons.


Let’s face it, this is what heavily influences all of our decisions (except when buying golf clubs, then money is no object).

The good news is that you don’t need to break the bank to buy a great golf club organizer. You’ll often find that the cheaper ‘budget’ options are every bit as good as anything ‘premium’.

The Best Golf Club Organizers Reviewed | 5 Top Picks

Ok, without further ado, and in light of the above, let’s look at some of the best options on the market this year!

Suncast Vertical Utility Golf Storage 

Remember what I said in my above golf organizer buying guide? This ticks practically every box.

The spacious chamber has room for two golf bags but could equally accommodate a folding push cart and a bag. I quite like the mesh sides. This will ensure adequate ventilation and help your bag dry out a little bit quicker.

One standout feature is the shelves. I really love that they have thought to include a ‘bin’ at the top, perfect for those little bits like tees and ball-markers that tend to roll away and get scattered everywhere.

The last thing you need is the weight of your golf gear, tipping the entire organizer over. I also appreciate that garage floors can often be a little uneven. With this golf rack, you aren’t going to have a problem.


It’s got really wide adjustable feet, meaning you can keep your golfing equipment on a level, regardless of what is underneath.

  • Solid construction
  • Low Profile
  • Good Storage

SafeRacks Golf Equipment Organizer

The SafeRacks golf organizer is just a little bit different, and I like it!

Remember when I talked about picking something with solid construction? This is the kind of thing I was talking about. The rack is pretty heavy, but that is because it is manufactured from galvanized steel.

You may notice that this is a wheeled golf organizer. However, for those who don’t need to roll it around, it also includes padded feet.

It features two sizeable compartments that will easily accommodate a couple of golf bags. It is big enough to house a larger cart bag with ease. The side rails can also be adjusted for height.

One thing that I consider a downside is the bottom of the draws and the compartments. While they are sturdy, the gaps between the bars are easily big enough for things to fall through. We were left with a carpet of old tees, markers, pencils, and even the odd scorecard on wheeling ours away.

All that said, the USA-made build quality is superb. It even comes with a pair of umbrella holders.

  • USA made
  • Super sturdy
  • Large size

Milliard Golf Organizer

Sometimes it’s the little extra touches that set the best golf organizers apart from the crowd.

Such as?

In this particular model, you’ll find that the upper frame is padded to prevent you from putting dings and scratches on the top of your favorite driver.

This is another that fits firmly into the ‘excellent construction’ category. Made from highly durable carbon steel, it shouldn’t rust even with prolonged contact with water. I also really like the lower rail that will prevent your gear from sliding out if you store it at an angle.

While this can fit two golf bags, I’d say that was ambitious if you have a playing partner who likes gear as much as you do. Two regular golf stand bags will fit comfortably, but a pair of fully loaded golf cart bags is going to be a tight squeeze.

  • Good protection
  • Relatively compact
  • Excellent corrosion resistance

Home-it Golf Bag Sports Dual Golf Storage Organizer

Ok, so if you heard me complaining about not being able to house two large bags, this is the answer.

The golf bag storage compartments are huge and will easily fit even the largest golf club bags. You’ll also get plenty of storage. This organizer features five solidly built shelves, including the unit’s lower mesh ‘floor’ that is perfect for golf shoes.

The tubular frame isn’t as substantial as some others on my list. Still, when you consider that this is a budget golf bag organizer, it isn’t bad for the money.

While you get plenty of space in the shelves, one downside is that they are literally flat pieces of smooth powder-coated steel. This looks pretty neat, but it is very easy for your possessions (especially golf balls) to roll away. The answer is to invest in some storage boxes, so it is an easy fix.

I particularly liked how easy it was to construct too!

  • Easy construction
  • Great budget option
  • Plenty of storage space

PLKOW Golf Bag Storage Garage Organizer

If you are looking for something strong and substantial with lots of room, this could be ideal. I really like how sturdy this golf storage frame is, and as it is made from high-quality steel, it should last a good while.

It doesn’t have quite as much shelf space as some of the others on our list, but bearing in mind it is of similar size, you don’t need to worry that bigger items, such as golf shoe bags, won’t fit… The compartments are huge.

I like a few little extras. This comes with storage hooks that clip to the mesh frame on the outside. This makes for perfect storage for little things like a golf hat, an umbrella, or even a space to let your golf towel dry out.

This unit is the perfect blend of size and storage and is worth looking at if you are trying to get organized.

  • Larger than average compartments
  • Included exterior hooks
  • Strong construction

Golf bag Organizers | FAQ

Still got questions? Here’s what I get asked all the time about golf club storage.

What is the Average Size of a Golf Bag?

You’ll find that most golf bags stand at around 36″ tall. But… You also need to take into account the fact that your clubs will stick out of the top by around another 25%. If you work on the laden bag being around 50″ tall, you should be good to go.

How Do You Build a Golf Organizer?

Seriously? By the time you’ve bought the equipment and materials, it’ll cost you about the same as any of the versions above.

If you are interested, here’s a video of a project. It looks like a lot of work…

Why Is It Bad To Keep Golf Clubs in Your Trunk?

Sure, you could keep your clubs in the trunk, but there are several good reasons not to: –

  • Variations in temperature can damage golf club grips
  • You are using up trunk space for no reason
  • Any weight, even small weights, can bend club shafts over time

How Do You Store Golf Clubs in Your Apartment?

There are two ways. You can go ‘old school’ and have your clubs and other golf paraphernalia cluttering up your apartment or garage…


Invest in a good golf club organizer. They keep all of your bits and pieces together in one place. They also look a little bit cool too.

Is it Ok to Keep Golf Clubs in Your Garage?

It is ok to keep golf clubs in your garage. Provided they are stored correctly, without being crushed, you will keep them looking newer for longer. Garages aren’t always the most organized of places. A golf organizer means that you can spend your time practicing on the putting green instead of sifting through bicycles, gardening tools, and other junk whilst you look for your shoes and practice balls.

Final Thoughts

The best golf bag organizers are made to measure and allow you to sort your personal golf admin out easily. You’ll be able to store everything you need for a round of golf in one convenient location. Tidy gear, tidy mind, tidy game. Have you got any more tips to help you stay organized while playing golf? Why not leave a comment below?

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