Best Golf Balls For Women to Improve Your Game

It makes complete sense that as women golfers we would need specific clubs that are lighter and shorter than men’s golf clubs, to suit our style of play and physical capabilities, right?

Well, what about golf balls?

Are the pink boxes of golf balls in stores just marketing ploys, or do these women’s golf balls actually make a difference in our game? To be honest, for the longest time I would refuse to buy a box of women’s golf balls – I thought the pink labels and boxes were just another marketing scheme!

Well ladies, it turns out they do actually have differences when compared to men’s golf balls and they do help our game and add distance to our shots. That being said, there are some men’s golf balls that work just as well as the ladies; we will explain the reasoning behind this and look at multiple options. 

Let’s take a look at the difference between womens and mens golf balls and check out our top picks to help add distance to your shots and consistency in your game!

Don’t feel like reading? Our Pick for the Best Golf Balls for Women: Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls

Men’s vs Women’s Golf Balls: Whats the Difference?


The biggest difference between men’s and women’s golf balls are the compression rates within each style of golf ball. If you don’t know what that means, you’re definitely not alone; many golfers have no idea this is a factor in your game!

When the club face hits the ball on impact, the golf ball compresses which forces the ball forward. This act of compression acts like an internal spring when you hit the golf ball. You ideally want to be able to compress the golf ball on most of your shots on the course to get the most distance out of your swing.

Compression in golf balls that are made for men are typically in the 70-100 range, while women’s golf balls have compression rates of around 50-70. Men with faster and harder swings benefit from harder golf balls with high compression rates to get the most yardage.

As a whole, women typically have slower swings than most men. Having a slower swing speed means that a golf ball with a lower compression rating would benefit you, and help you get the best distance out of your ball. Men with slower swings would benefit from softer balls as well and many men choose golf balls with low compression to help their distance too.

Dimple Count

Another key difference between men’s and women’s golf balls are the dimples on the outside of the ball. It’s actually interesting – the design of the dimples and the amount of them on the ball can actually affect the distance and trajectory of your shot. Think aerodynamics; when dimples are added to a ball, it creates a small layer of air around the golf ball that cuts down drag and causes air to flow over a larger portion of the ball, making a smooth ball flight and adding distance.

Many times on women’s golf balls, extra dimples are added to help get more hang time in the air, leading to better distance.


One of the more obvious differences between women’s and men’s golf balls are the colors. Almost every women’s golf ball brand comes with a pink or colorful option. Men’s golf balls are usually white or yellow/green. The pink color servers 2 purposes; it appeals to female golfers because it’s less mundane, and the hot pink color is actually easier to see on the fairway or in the rough. If you are playing with a group and the other 3 players have white balls, it is nice to have a different color that stands out and is bright. I usually like playing with white golf balls but the pink balls are definitely easier to keep your eye on when they are in the air.

Other Factors to Consider Before You Buy

Ball Construction

Have you ever seen a split golf ball and gotten to see the inside? It’s always reminded me of the geography drawings showing the earth’s core. A golf ball is basically built the same way and is composed of a core and outer layers. In men’s golf balls, there can be up to five layers in the ball whereas in women’s it is more typical to have just two layers.

The four and five layer balls are typically used by advanced, low handicap golfers as they are not as forgiving and have higher compression rates. Men with faster swings may benefit from three layered balls as they are a bit softer and easier to control. The two layered golf balls are made from rubber or Polybutadiene (a synthetic rubber) and is surrounded by an exterior cover made of Surlyn or Urethane. 

Surlyn covered golf balls are harder and usually are considered distance golf balls, which are best for beginner golfers or any golfer that wants extra yardage. Urethane golf balls are usually favored by better golfers, as you can control and shape these kinds of balls more easily.


If you ever watch professional golf on TV, you may notice that when their ball hits the green from a shot, the ball sometimes will hit the green and sit there, sometimes it will roll backwards or forwards. It depends on how much backspin you get out of your ball. For more experienced golfers, this is something you can hone in on and learn to control if you have the right golf balls (usually harder balls and more layers). For many women it is more beneficial to have a ball that spins less, so the ball keeps rolling forward.

Now that we’ve touched on the actual differences between mens and womens golf balls, let’s discuss the best golf balls for women.

Best Golf Balls For Women: Our Top Picks

Best Overall: Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls

Callaway Golf Supersoft Golf Balls

The Callaway Supersoft golf balls are not specifically made for women and that’s part of the reason we love them. There are no marketing gimmicks here, just low compression golf balls – and more color options than just pink. Men with slower swings use these golf balls all the time as well. The compression rate of these golf balls are 38 (!), making this one of the lowest compression golf balls currently on the market.

The Callaway Supersoft golf balls feature new HEX Aerodynamics, which reduce drag and enhance lift. This optimizes higher flight and increases carry, creating longer distances. You will definitely notice a difference when you use this ball versus a golf ball with higher compression rates. 

Value Pick: Bridgestone e6 Lady Golf Balls

bridgestone e6 lady golf balls

The Bridgestone e6 Lady golf balls are another great option for a women’s golf ball, and is best for women with moderate swing speeds. With a low compression of around 40, this ball will help to add distance to your shot. Bridgestone has high quality products and has been known to be the leader when it comes to golf ball fitting.

You may notice there are also the regular Bridgestone e6 golf balls on the market however the compression of these are 44, while the lady e6 balls are 40. Certainly worth considering these balls and we loved the feel of them when testing these on the course. The Lady e6’s come in either traditional white or pink. 

Budget Pick: Srixon Soft Feel Lady Golf Balls

srixon soft feel lady golf balls

Srixon is a great golf brand that I feel many times is under appreciated. People usually gravitate towards powerhouses in the market like Callaway, TaylorMade or Titleist but Srixon proves that it also produces great golf balls every season.

The Srixon Soft Feel Lady Golf Balls are a staple in the women’s golf ball market and a box you will definitely recognize with the hot pink branding. At a compression rate of 58, these ladies golf balls are higher than some other competitors, yet lower than other standard golf balls. One key difference that sets the Srixon Soft Feel Lady golf balls apart is the dimples on the ball. This ball features 338 dimples, which is higher than average for women’s golf balls, adding additional distance and aerodynamics that are not featured in other brands. Srixon also claims the additional dimples are especially effective in windy conditions. 

Best for Slow Swing Speeds: Wilson Staff Duo Soft Ladies

As we know, Wilson is most famous for Tennis equipment and the brand has struggled to gain that level of credibility in golf. The Wilson Staff Duo Soft Ladies golf balls give other brands a run for their money and offer some of the lowest compression in golf balls currently on the market. The compression in these particular golf balls are 29, which is extremely low.

The low compression creates a spring reaction when the ball is hit on impact forcing the ball farther than higher compression balls. This is a great option for women with slower or softer swings. Senior lady golfers may also find that these golf balls add impressive distance to their drives. If you don’t swing out of your shoes, this is a really good option for you.

Made for More Distance: Titleist Velocity

titleist velocity golf balls

The Titleist Velocity is another golf ball that is not specifically made for women; both men and women can gravitate towards this golf ball as it has lower compression and adds yardage to shots. Titleist touts that the Velocity is designed with extremely low spin to maximize distance on every shot you take.

The LSX core produces faster speed and higher velocity, adding every extra inch into distance that you can get. This isn’t one of the lowest compression balls out there, but if you don’t have the slowest swing but need some added help with distance, this may be a good option for you to consider trying out. If you want to try a ball that’s a bit more premium but still works great for women, this is a great pick.

Best Premium Option: Vice PRO SOFT

Vice Pro Soft Golf Balls

Vice is a newcomer in the golf world, entering the US market in 2015. They are best known for creating high quality golf balls that perform to the standards of other industry leaders, and Vice are quickly making a name for themselves as producers of some of the best golf balls you can buy.

One thing I love about the Vice website is the Ball Recommender feature. You answer questions about your game and it offers their suggestion on which ball would be best suitable for you. Vice has several different options depending on what exactly you are looking for – added distance, more or less spin, etc. As we have been talking about lower compression golf balls, the Vice PRO SOFT is another great contender that you will want to check out. The compression rating is 38 (right there with the Callaway Supersofts) and this particular ball has 318 dimples. This ball is different than others on this list in that it has a 3-layer construction. Vice markets that this ball is extra-soft and has a thin WHITE cast urethane cover for maximum feel and short-game spin.

Best for Intermediate Players: TaylorMade Ladies Kalea Golf Balls

The TaylorMade Ladies Kalea golf balls are designed to have a soft feel and add distance with swings less than 85 mph. These golf balls have a two piece construction, and a 342 Aero dimple design for optimal ball flight. The compression on the TaylorMade Ladies Kalea are higher than the others we have listed, at a 60 rating. Women with slightly faster swings would benefit more from these than women with slower swings due to the slightly higher compression rating.

As this ball is slightly harder than the other options, that does mean that you can have more control over the ball when it gets to the green. We recommend this option to intermediate women golfers who are comfortable with slightly harder golf balls and want more control when chipping, pitching and putting around the green.

Final Thoughts 

As with any golf product, there are many options to choose from and sometimes you may wonder if there are truly any significant differences between them. We have reviewed numerous golf balls for women and we found that the Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls are your best bet. These balls feature a low compression rating, sleek design, low spin and tons of distance when compressed. Generally, lower compression golf balls will help any woman with a slower swing speed who wants more distance.

Thanks for reading!

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