Best Golf Belts for Men | Ranked and Reviewed

The country club mentality has always pushed golfers to dress their best for a day out on the links. However, your apparel is more important than impressing others. It is vital for comfort, stretchability, and optimal performance. When it comes to a golf belt, you want something stylish, reliable and versatile.

There are loads of options on the market, so we wanted to do our research and come up with the best golf belts for men this year. In addition to unveiling the best leather, webbing, and braided belt, I have thrown in a budget and premium option. Plus, it includes a guide to assist you with finding your ideal golf belt. Let’s dive in below!

Things to consider before buying a Golf Belt


The material that you choose impacts the durability and weight of your golf belt. Golf belts typically comprise of one of four materials. These are leather, polyester, cotton, and canvas. 

Although leather golf belts exist, the latter three are more popular with golf belt brands. This is because of their lightweight, stretchable properties. Plus, these materials are not susceptible to cracking the same way leather does.


Some golf belts suggest that they are one size fits all, which sounds great in principle. Even after packing on a few pounds after the holiday season, you can still use the same belt. However, there are limits to its power. Heavier golfers with a XX or XXX-Large waist will struggle to wear the one-size-fits-all.

I’ve included a useful size table below to help you find the ideal fit for your waist. This is pretty typical sizing among all golf belts for men. Small belts are constructed for players who wear 30 to 32-inch pants, while a medium works on 33 to 35 trousers.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, there are XX and XXX-Large belts. These are suited to individuals with a 42 to a 47-inch waist.

Waist Size (inches)30” – 32”33” – 35”36” – 38”39” – 41”42” – 44”45” – 47”
Belt SizeSmallMediumLargeX-LargeXX-LargeXXX-Large


Four buckle designs typically feature on golf belts. The most common is the screw closure, where you press a throng through the punch hole before threading the end tip through the belt loop.

A popular closure on canvas belts is a clamp system, where you thread the belt through and shut it closed. The third design is a clip. This functions similarly to the closures found on harnesses where the latch clips into the upper cover. 

The final buckle design comprises two rings that you sew the belt through to close it. This option is ideal if you find that the other options are too tight. I find that the first three buckles offer the most security while walking and swinging.


Stretchability is vital in a golf belt to optimize your freedom of movement while walking and swinging your clubs. Belts that lack stretchability tend to restrict your movement and create discomfort during your round. This can also impact your ability to maximize hip rotation in your golf swing. Ideally, a belt with some give will be best while out on the course.


You may not think of breathability as essential with golf belts, but you would be incorrect. If your belt lacks breathability, it can make you pretty damn sweaty as you make your way around the course. One of the lighter material golf belts will usually have a little more breathability and prevent excessive sweat buildup.


The color of your belt may seem like a simple choice, but there is some science behind it. Think about the color of your shoes, pants, and shirt and how you intend to match them. If you wish to own several belts, you can acquire a variety of colors. However, if you have the budget for one, I suggest selecting a neutral tone that you can pair with any color pants, shirt, or shoes. If you just want one or two, black, white or blue tend to be pretty good picks.


Finally, ensure that the belt fits securely but does not strangle your waist. Refer to our sizing chart to ensure you have ordered the correct belt length for your hips. If any part of your waist feels excessively tight with the belt, I suggest seeking a larger size.

Top Golf Belts for men: Our rankings

1. Nike 3 Pack Golf Belts – Best Overall Golf Belt


  • 3 belts for the price of one
  • Optimal stretch
  • Reversible buckleFits any waist less than 42-inches
  • Comfortable


  • It does not suit golfers with an XX or XXX-Large waist.

The Nike Men’s 3 Pack Golf belts tops the list of golf belts in 2022 for their stretchability, comfort, and versatility. Plus, the set is incredibly affordable and equips you with options for any golfing outfit.

A navy, black and grey belt band feature in the set. Appearing alongside a single reversible alloy clip buckle. You can reverse the buckle to wear your belt band both ways for additional styles. In addition, it is removable, enabling you to place it onto other bands.

Furthermore, the design of the belts makes them easily washable to maintain their color for longer. The design team constructed these belts using G-Flex technology for supreme to boost your range of motion while on the golf course.

Nike added their Acu Fit technology to enable a one-size-fits-all setup. Unfortunately, it does not work for any golfer sporting a waist size over 43-inches. Ultimately, the Nike 3 pack is suited to golfers looking for bang for their buck and a stretchy, comfortable belt. 

Our Rating: 97/100

Check the price for the Nike 3 Pack Golf Belts on Amazon here.

2. Puma Ultralite Stretch Belt – Best Budget Golf Belt


  • Affordable
  • Lightweight construction
  • Unique colors 
  • Maximum stretch
  • Easy to clean


  • Not suited to golfers with a XX and XXL wait sizes

Golfers looking to save a few pennies should appreciate the Puma Ultralite Stretch belt, our best budget option for this year. Besides its affordable price point, this belt promotes maximum stretchability, thanks to the elasticity of the strap.

A molded low-profile clip buckles the strap to ensure a secure fit throughout your round. The signature Puma logo is ever present. But, in case you had your doubts, they added a leather badge with the company name.

Moreover, this is a lightweight belt that is comfortable to wear and promotes optimal freedom of movement. This range offers unique colors, including greener pastures, peacoat-aloha, and quarry. These are a refreshing stray away from traditional patterns and colors offered by manufacturers.

This is a one-size-fits-all belt. However, it is not built for larger golfers rocking a XX or XXX-Large waist.

Puma suggests that you do not apply any detergent when cleaning the belt. They suggest that a wipe with a damp cloth is the best approach to keep it free of mud, oil, and sweat. Ultimately, this Puma Ultralite Stretch belt is an ideal option for golfers on a budget.

Our Rating: 95/100

Check the price for the Puma Ultralite Stretch Belt on Amazon here.

3. Adidas Reversible Web Belt – Best Reversible Belt


  • Reversible strap
  • Clamp closure
  • Crafted from 60% recycled materials
  • Robust colors
  • Slick appearance


  • It can only be hand washed
  • Larger golfers may prefer a belt that caters to their specific size.

Casual golfers who enjoy a 2-for-1 deal should gush at the idea of a reversible belt. With a simple turn of the buckle, you can enjoy both sides. On top of its impressive buckle, the belt boasts being constructed from 60% of recycled materials.

Its construction allows you to cut it to your preferred size for a comfortable fit. Golfers with wider waists might find this option too tight. Furthermore, Adidas availed these belts in four colors, grey, crew navy, black. As well as my favorite, blue rush.

The reversible design of this product enables you to use both sides. If you have dirt or a mark on one side, reverse it and wear the opposite flank. 

Adidas fitted this belt with an adjustable clamp closure for a secure, comfortable wear. Despite its good looks this belt is a Princess on the maintenance front. It requires hand washing and cannot be tumble dried or dry cleaned.

Our Rating: 94/100

Check the price for the Adidas Reversible Web Belt on Amazon here.

4. Under Armour Webbing Belt 2.0 – Best Webbing Golf Belt


  • Increased stretchability
  • You can use it for multiple sports
  • Machine washable
  • Durable
  • Clamp buckle


  • Mundane colors

Golfers that look for maximum stretchability from their clothing will adore webbing golf belts. The Under Armour Webbing Belt 2.0 is our top pick in this category for 2022. The company suggests that polyester webbing construction boosts the durability and stretchability of this belt. As a result, you enjoy an optimal range of motion while out on the links.

Individuals who play multiple sports can wear this belt comfortably for other sports. Therefore, it is multi-purpose and thrives in a range of environments. 

Under Armour fitted this belt with a metal clamp buckle, which just so happens to contain a bottle open at the back. The clamp closure is a hassle-free way to fasten your trousers and keep them secure for 18-holes.

The Webbing Belt 2.0 is available in your standard golf belt colors. I am referring to black, blue, and gray. Although this sounds dull, they match with almost any color, making it a safe bet for any outfit.

Unlike the other options, this belt is 100% machine washable. That means it is easy to maintain and takes no time out of your day.

Our Rating: 93/100

Check the price for the Under Armour Webbing 2.0 Belt on Amazon here.

5. Puma Reversible Web Belt – Coolest Golf Belt


  • Reversible belt
  • Contains a bottle opener
  • Clean look
  • Excellent stretch
  • Secure fit


  • Only one color offered

Golfers who set the trends among their peers need to keep up appearances. This Puma Reversible Web Belt is the coolest option this year, thanks to its clean appearance and concealed bottle opener at the back. 

Not only will you look the best, but you will also be the most crucial member of your group. Because you will have the responsibility of keeping the others hydrated.

The design team fitted the reversible belt with a metal clamp buckle, which clips the tip of your belt in for added security. Furthermore, the strap is reversible, allowing you to wear either side. This is particularly handy when one side of your belt is filthy. You turn it around and show the clean part.

In addition, the strap is crafted from polypropylene to enhance the stretch of the belt, delivering excellent freedom of motion. Lastly, the reversible web belt is only available in what Puma terms bright white.

Our Rating: 92/100

Check the price for the Puma Reversible Web Belt on Amazon here.

6. J Lindberg Leather Slater – Best Looking Golf Belt


  • Durable
  • Premium look
  • Brushed leather finish
  • Secure buckle closure


  • Expensive
  • It does not cater to golfers above a large waist

Those who pride themselves on their appearance can spruce up their outfit with the J Lindberg Leather Slater. This is our best-looking golf belt in 2022, which few will dispute. The challenge is its hefty price which does not suit the pockets of most golfers.

Linberg apparel prides itself on the craftsmanship and detail of its work. This is evidenced by the attention to detail in the brushed leather finish that exemplifies quality.

In addition, a classic buckle closure features to keep your belt fastened under the pressure of hip rotation. Granted, not every player can finance these works of art. That is why they are best suited to those golfers willing to spend on the best of the best.

The obvious downside of a leather belt is that you cannot wash it. This can reduce its lifespan, which is not ideal considering its price tag. Therefore, I suggest wiping it with a a lightly damp cloth after every round. That helps you remove dirt, sweat, and oil build-up. Once it is clean, through some leather food on it to keep it looking healthy.

Besides its price tag, one downside is that it does not fit golfers with a waist wider than a large. 

Our Rating: 91/100

Check the price for the J Lindeberg Slater Belt on Golf Galaxy here.

7. Nike Perforated Reversible – Best Leather Golf Belt


  • Boost breathability
  • Reduces sweat build-up
  • Reversible
  • Secure buckle closure
  • Moderately priced for a quality leather belt


  • It does not fit golfers with an XXXL waist.

Players looking for a leather belt without breaking the bank will appreciate our pick for this year. The Nike Perforated Reversible belt promotes exceptional breathability, a snug fit, and a unique design.

The design team littered the belt with perforations to encourage optimal airflow around the belt. That helps to prevent sweat build-up and increases comfort around the waist. In addition, this product is reversible. When one side looks worse for wear, you can flip it around and expose the superior-looking side.

Moreover, Nike employed a traditional buckle closure to keep the belt fastened around your waist throughout your round. It is constructed for golfers with a waist size of 32 to 42-inches. As a result, the belt is not suited to players with an XXX-Large waist.

Nike offers this reversible leather belt in two traditional colors. These are white and dark grey. The white belt is paired with black on the opposite side to give you 2–one. The dark grey belt partners with black, which look similar to the naked eye.

Lastly, Nike urges you to only hand wash this belt otherwise you won’t be wearing it long.

Our Rating: 89/100

Check the price for the Nike Perforated Reversible Belt on Amazon here.

8. Galvin Green Warren – Best Premium Golf Belt

Galvin Green Warren Belt


  • Increased stretch
  • Metal buckle closure
  • Available in 7 colors
  • You can adjust it to suit your waist size


  • Expensive
  • It is a mission to wash

Like J Linberg, Galvin Green is renowned for its premium golf apparel. It is no surprise that their Warren belt is our pick for the best premium option this year. The Warren offers a comfy design with exceptional stretchability to maximize your movement when swinging, walking, or bending.

The Galvin Green Warren is formed with 100% nylon, which works to encourage added range of motion. Therefore, it provides a comfortable fit that is neither too tight nor loose. Plus, a metal buckle closure reinforces the security of the belt. This keeps your pants at an appropriate height at all times.

Furthermore, this belt enables you to adjust the length for a suitable fit. As a result, it works for golfers of all waist sizes. 

Like with most belts on this list, maintenance is not easy. Due to its nylon composition, it cannot undergo a standard machine wash. You need to use cold water and hand wash it. Lastly, Galvin Green crafted this range in 7 colors. They include bold reds and luminous greens.

Our Rating: 87/100

Check the price for the Galvin Green Warren Golf Belt on Galvin Green here.

9. Adidas Braided Stretch Belt – Best Braided Golf Belt


  • Breathable
  • Maximum stretch
  • Soft feel
  • Metal buckle
  • Fits golfers of all sizes


  • Boring colors
  • Moderately expensive

The Adidas Braided Belt is worth learning about if a stretchy belt is a deal-breaker. It earns the nomination for our best-braided construction in 2022. The belt features a mesmerizing braid pattern. Plus, it maximizes stretch while in motion.

Moreover, Adidas employed a secure, metal pin buckle to keep your pants stable throughout your round. The company further claims that it is constructed from cotton. This helps to offer a softer feel and exceptional breathability to produce moisture build-up underneath the belt.

Despite its attractive pattern and stretchable design this belt is relatively heavier than nylon or polyester products. In addition, they are available in 3 colors, black, grey, and navy blue, and are designed for golfers of all sizes. This range of belts is available in small, medium, large and extra-large.

Overall, the Adidas Braided Belt is suitable for individuals who find that other golf belt designs limit their movement. The added stretch of this design ensures that your hips are not restricted at any point.

Our Rating: 84/100

Check the price for the Adidas Braided Stretch Belt on Amazon here.

10. Nike ACU Fit Ratchet Belt – Best Ratchet Closure


  • Reversible belt
  • Cut it to your preferred waist size
  • Added stretch
  • Ultralight technology
  • Precise fit


  • Dull colors
  • Moderately expensive

The final option on our list of best golf belts this year is the Nike ACU Ratchet belt. Its gunmetal ratchet buckle offers a sealed fit to keep your trousers in place at all times. Besides the security of the closure, the buckle rotates to give you the option of using the front and back strap, effectively giving you 2 belts for the price of the 1.

Nike G-Flex technology works to twist and turn the fibers for an exceptional range of motion. This means that you do not feel any tension around the waist when you swing or walk. In addition, the company added their Ultralight technology removing unnecessary mass from the belt.

The design team at Nike set up this belt to enable you to cut it to size. Identify your waist size, pull out the scissors and chop off the excess length. Plus, they employed Acu Fit technology for an exact fit, no matter what size your waist is.

The ACU Ratchet belt is offered in ten colors. Effectively, they are variations of black, white, and dark grey. It is an ideal option for golfers seeking the versatility of 2 belts in 1 and exceptional; stretch.

Our Rating: 83/100

Check the price for the Nike ACU Fit Ratchet Closure Belt on Amazon here.


What Belts Do PGA Tour Players Wear?

A 2022 interview by Golfweek suggested that several professionals use belts from House of Fleming. Tiger Woods, Ian Poulter, Justin Thomas, Harold Varner III, Dustin Johnson and Phil Mickelson are a among them.

I believe that the House of Fleming makes some of the best belts in golf. However, they are not as readily accessible as the options on this list. 

The belts that golfers wear also comes down to their apparel sponsors. You may find Nike or Adidas sponsored players wearing belts from these companies.

Which Belt Quality Is Best?

As far as durability goes, webbing golf belts are the best quality. However, if you ask about comfort and stretchability, polyester or nylon belts are superior. The best quality belt on our list in 2022 is the Galvin Green Warren.

In addition, I would need to throw the J Lindberg Leather Slater into the mix for the best quality workmanship.

Final Thoughts

That concludes our review of the best golf belts for men this year. From our perspective, stretchability, breathability, comfort, and a secure fit are essential. Make sure that your belt optimizes your range of motion and prevents the build-up of sweat and moisture around the waist. That way, you enjoy a secure, comfortable fit.

Before I sign off, let me recap our top picks for the best golf belts this year. The Adidas Reversible Web belt is your best bet if you desire 2 for the price of 1. Furthermore, the Puma Ultralite Stretch Belt awaits those on a budget. 

Finally, the best overall golf belt this season is the Nike 3 Pack, which provides three bands and one clamp closure. These belts offer stretchability, comfort, and affordability. You will have a belt band for every occasion, with only one purchase.

Thanks for reading!

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