Best Golf Club Brands (2021 Picks)

If you are on the lookout for a new iron set, a driver, or even a putter, you’ll no doubt have seen rows and rows of clubs in your local golf store. It can be hard to know what to choose. However, pick a trusted name from a reputable brand, and you can be assured of quality, not to mention the potential to take a few strokes off your scorecard. Here are some of the best golf club brands on the market today.

Best Golf Club Brands: Reviewed


TaylorMade golf irons

From humble beginnings come great things. TaylorMade wasn’t always a premium brand. In fact, they produced a grand total of…

One club…Way back in 1979.

However, the innovative approach that makes them one of the best golf club brands today existed even way back then. They opted to go against the grain with a metal driver instead of wood, which was positively space-age at the time.

When you look at the current TaylorMade range, what you are seeing is the end result and pinnacle of decades of innovation.

If you are looking for a decent driver, the SIM 2 Max offers pretty much everything that you could need. A huge clubhead, the ability to customize your driver, and a huge amount of technology that allows players to maximize their distance off the tee.

The upgraded TaylorMade P790 irons are also pretty revolutionary. They look like a set of tour blades, yet they play and feel like a cavity back. The irons are, in fact, hollow and are filled with ultra-light urethane speed foam.

The innovation hasn’t ended there either. The lowermost part of the clubface has a relatively heavy titanium insert. The effect of this is to lower the club’s center of gravity. This gives a higher launch to these irons.

A set such as this would represent a great investment for a mid to high handicapper. You get all of the forgiveness that you’d expect from a game improvement iron, but with all of the good looks of something that is a little more ‘grown up’…

The best thing is that the clubs are advanced enough to play all the way down to lower handicaps. Granted, they are a ‘designer’ brand… But thinking of how long these would be good to play with makes them a worthy investment.

You can check the TaylorMade P790 irons here.


Mizuno irons

If the tag line is anything to go by, you should be able to see why Mizuno has made our list: “Nothing feels like a Mizuno”.

Playing with Mizuno clubs certainly doesn’t feel like ‘nothing’. In fact, feel is what they focus on. Tiger Woods launched his career (and golf shots)  into the stratosphere on Mizuno’s back, and they have since gone from strength to strength.

Mizuno is a company that offers something that many others don’t… Craftsmanship. Being a Japanese company, they produce nothing but the highest quality golf equipment, combined with a futuristic merging of new alloys and face technologies.

The Mizuno JPX921 iron set is a prime example. These irons could form firmly in the category of real ‘players’ irons. But that said, the irons are available with different bolt-on ‘tech’ that makes them easier to hit.

The standout from the crowd is the JPX921 forged. The iron gives the performance of a blade, but with added forgiveness. The face has been made thinner to promote faster ball speeds, and weight has been repositioned to frame the face, giving better stability.

Golfing with ‘players’ irons used to be a tricky art… you essentially had a bag full of clubs that all felt like hitting a three-iron, which for many is an absolute nightmare.

But Mizuno has changed all of that. You will find a blend of performance, yes, but you’ll also get an industry-leading feel. With each strike, the club actually feels ‘soft’, so those who are looking to upgrade might find it the ideal vehicle to transport them up a tier or two. Craftsmanship and quality is what vaults Mizuno into the best golf club brands list.


ping golf clubs

When I hear the word ‘Ping’, I think of one thing.


Ever since the launch of the Ping Eye2, way back in the day, Ping has positioned themselves as the club to choose if you want something that is easy to hit. But just because they are easy to hit doesn’t mean that they are purely for beginners.

Mid handicappers can also keep their hard-fought status without fear of the odd bad shot ruining the day.

If you’ve seen my article on the best irons for high handicappers, you’ll see that Ping has made the list. The Ping G410’s could be considered one of the most forgiving irons on the planet. The face actually flexes on contact with the golf ball. This offers a high launch and will allow beginners to squeeze every last yard out of each shot.

Now, we appreciate that a game improvement iron isn’t for everyone, and you might want something more advanced.

The Ping G710 irons are the latest in the series and offer quality, feel, and forgiveness. This is enabled by things such as a variable thickness face. What this means for you as a player is that you aren’t unduly punished for off-center hits. You’ll get great balls speeds off shots nearer the toe and the heel.

The high MOI, aided by integrated tungsten weighting, ensures that the clubface stays true to its original path, offering straightness that simply wouldn’t exist with other irons.

The G710 irons represent the ideal choice for beginners and mid handicappers alike.


Callaway irons

There simply couldn’t be a list of the best golf club brands without talking about Callaway. I remember when the original ‘Big Bertha’ driver came out years ago and was considered ‘cheating’ by the more traditional members of my club (which is funny when you see it now, the clubhead is tiny).

If you were looking for a ‘big stick’ that is easy to hit, you wouldn’t go far wrong with the Callaway Mavrik driver. Callaway has once again come to the fore when talking about technological innovation.

The Mavrik’s face was designed entirely by artificial intelligence, so it offers absolute precision when it comes to clubface technology.

If a lightning-fast, computer-designed face wasn’t enough, they have included some very clever stuff hidden ‘under the hood’. Callaway has patented and developed ‘jailbreak’ technology. This refers to bars located within the driver’s head that ensure the head stays entirely rigid during ball contact. This lack of flex gives explosive power and ridiculously fast launch speed.

It isn’t all about distance however, most players would welcome a degree of forgiveness.

Fortunately, the Callaway Mavrik has this in abundance. The large 460cc gives confidence when stood over the ball. Callaway has also been kind enough to use lightweight titanium in the head construction, allowing them to position weight to ensure maximum MOI.

If you were looking for something supremely playable and customizable, this could be the driver for you.


Titleist golf clubs

You’d have had to be living under a rock for the last 40 years if you didn’t know that Titleist is one of the best golf brands out there (I mean, even my mom has got a Titleist umbrella).

Titleist was long regarded as a ‘players’ choice, with those seeking forgiveness encouraged to shop elsewhere. Hardly surprising when you consider that the likes of Justin Thomas, Adam Scott, and Jordan Spieth are all brand ambassadors who you’ll find with Titleist clubs in their bag…

However, the game has changed.

‘Real’ golfers hit bad shots, and if you create a club that doesn’t help them, they won’t use it. Today you’ll find that Titleist is geared just as much to the amateur as they are to making golf clubs for the pros.

Here’s what I mean…

The Titleist T200 iron Set is like a nice cross between the Ping G710 and the Mizuno JPX921. Offering both a degree of workability, combined with a bucket load of forgiveness. The Irons have forged faces, normally a hallmark of harder to hit irons. Yet they are a cavity back that Titleist promises will convert near misses to ‘nearly perfect’.

That sounds pretty good to me.

The forgiveness is further developed by a polymer insert that dampens vibrations and increases feel. The sole is tungsten weighted, offering a higher launch, just what a play needs if they struggle to get it up off the deck.

The forged face actually wraps around the perimeter, meaning that hits south of the sweet spot will still give a reasonable ball speed.

The Titleist T200 Irons allow the intermediate player a real degree of control, not to mention plenty of forgiveness when struggling to find the middle.

Ben Hogan

Ben Hogan irons

The Ben Hogan Golf club company has had mixed fortunes over the years. But one area they have stayed true to is honoring one of the greatest ball strikers of all time.

When you consider that Ben could smash a ball 270 yards down the fairway with little more than a lump of wood, you’ve got to wonder what he could do with some of today’s modern technology?… In particular, the Ben Hogan GS53 driver.

This isn’t the most forgiving driver out there. For that, I’d suggest something like the TaylorMade SIM 2 Max. But what it does offer is the option to use a ‘premium’ golf driver at a fraction of some other big brands’ price.

Within the Hogan GS53 driver you’ll find plenty of technology. The two-piece titanium head (including a fully forged face) will give you quite a bit of consistency. Just as with some of our other suggestions, Ben Hogan has included a variable thickness face designed to offer a degree of forgiveness and reduce ‘dead spots’.

Intermediate players could benefit from the face-biased CG. This is designed to give a high launch angle with a penetrating ball flight. Ideally, this is suited for players with high swing speeds.

The face is slightly draw-biased, so if your bad shot is to hit it right, this could go some way to correcting this. For those who hit it straight (lucky), you’ll find a touch of draw adds further distance to your long game.

Each Ben Hogan club is manufactured in their own workshop at Fort Worth, Texas. It isn’t often you’ll find a club made in the USA!

The Ben Hogan GS53 could be a great addition to your bag, especially if you’ve noticed that your swing speed is increasing and are finding a softer ‘beginners driver’ has begun to become a little uncontrollable.


Wilson Golf Irons

If you name a sport, there’s a good chance that at some point, Wilson has provided high-quality gear to go along with it.

In particular, golf.

If you are looking for a good quality golf brand without the ‘designer’ price tag, Wilson could be ideal. Because of their price point and the level at which they market themselves, Wilson has made sure that the clubs they provide offer maximum forgiveness and playability.

Let’s use the Wilson D-9 forged steel irons as an example.

First off, for the money, you get a set of fully forged irons. Fully forged? Sounds like another company we know… That’s right, Mizuno. The benefit of using forged irons is that you get great looks and feel. Wilson has been smart enough to make this a cavity back which helps massively when it comes to forgiveness.

Just because they are more towards the ‘budget’ end doesn’t mean that there isn’t clever technology within.

Take a look at the sole, and you’ll see a line of little holes. These ‘powerholes’ are designed to flex on contact, increasing the amount of time the golf ball spends in contact with the face. As a result, you get huge energy transfer and high launch speeds.

The holes and face are filled with power chamber technology. Essentially a dampening insert that reduces vibrations and gives an excellent feel.

 For the money, these clubs are absolutely superb value. They feel like a forged club, offer excellent forgiveness and above-average distance in one affordable package.

These would be the ideal entry-level clubs for a beginner looking to get a few years of solid practice under their belt with a club that performs without breaking the bank.


Cleveland launcher irons

Cleveland has long been regarded as the go-to for easy-to-hit irons.

If you’ve checked their current range, you may have noticed something.

Conventional, they aren’t!

But that said, when you are stood in the middle of the fairway while your playing partners are scrabbling around in the rough, do you really care? Cleveland is particularly famous for their Launcher irons series.

The Cleveland Launcher irons do exactly what they say. They launch the ball. The irons look like a cross between a muscle back and a hybrid fairway wood. And they perform similarly.

As Cleveland states (and correctly too), they are “big, fast and forgiving”. As iron sets go, it’s a close call between these and anything produced by Ping as to which is the most forgiving. If you hit the ball with the face, it is going to fly.

Each iron’s face is ‘turbocharged’. Made from high-strength steel that has been made thin and extremely hot, you’ll get unbelievable face speeds. This is paired with an entirely hollow club head. Think of it a little like the performance of a wood, with the body of an iron, and you’re about halfway there.

You’ll also notice a large extended flat sole. This isn’t just cosmetic. It allows a low and deep club weighting to ensure that the ball gets up and away as quickly as possible.

Going all the way from 4-iron up to sand wedge, Cleveland has produced a set that will suit beginners and high handicappers. They absolutely have you covered for distance, and even those with slower swing speeds could really see the benefit that these clubs provide. The same can be said of those looking for forgiveness.


Cobra King Speedzone irons

Most beginners and high handicappers are looking for one thing.

Improvement. And for that, you’ll ideally want a game improvement iron. Cobra could be considered one of the ‘originals’ when it comes to creating game improvement clubs. They were doing it their way back in the ’90s while practically every other manufacturer (except perhaps, Ping) was telling players to ‘get better’.

The Cobra King Speedzone Irons offer forgiveness and some interesting new technologies that you won’t find anywhere else on the market.

Take a view from above one of their irons.

You’ll notice that the top line is constructed of carbon fiber. The reason they include this is that carbon fiber had a higher strength to weight ratio than steel. By making the topline lighter, this has the effect of pushing the CG down towards the sole. A Lower CG gives a higher launch which is exactly what an improver should be looking for.

You’ll also be able to see ‘speedback’ shaping. Essentially this makes the irons similar to a muscle back style. It also has given cobra room to install extreme heel and toe weighting to bring the CG even further down while also increasing MOI.

Cobra has made the face extremely thin and supplemented it with a ‘PWRshell’ insert. This has allowed them to make the sweet spot a third larger, meaning a greater hittable area and more forgiveness.

It can often be the case that game improvement irons feel slightly dead, ‘clacky’ sounding, and lacking in feel. Cobra has used foam, acrylic, TPU, and aluminum in their inserts. This gives the clubs a really crisp sound and feel.

For forgiveness, distance, and some fancy tech all rolled into one iron set. The King Speedzone irons represent a great mid-priced option for those looking for a worthwhile game improvement iron.


Odyssey White Hot OG 1 putter

Now, no club set would be completed without mentioning the most important club in the bag.

Of course, I’m talking about a putter.

When it comes to putter technology that has been proven over decades, you simply won’t find a putter better than the Odyssey range. And, you’ll be spoiled for choice. Blade vs. mallet, it’s all your choice, but there’ll be an odyssey putter that will fit the bill.

The Odyssey White Hot OG 1 putter  is absolutely exemplary. It has existed in a few formats over the last 20 years. It has been so successful that Odyssey has given it a facelift to keep golfers playing for the next 20.

Most golfers start out with an arced stroke, and this is the ideal companion. The crank hosel offers significant toe hang, not to mention being perfectly aligned with the ball’s center on contact.

Throw in Odysseys trademark white-hot face insert, and you’ll get a truer roll and exceptional feel.

When it comes to playing icons, this is perhaps one of the most easily recognizable. Speaking of looks, you’ll notice premium details that aren’t found in your ‘standard’ blade. The milled face is an example of craftsmanship and quality. 

No two golfers are the same, so you’ll also notice that the White Hot OG 1 comes with the ability to customize the putter to suit your stroke. Two titanium weights can be mixed and changed in order to give you the perfect line.

Beginners and experienced players alike could benefit from this in their bag.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to the best golf club brands, there is certainly plenty to choose from. Some offer forgiveness, some offer distance, and some maybe even offer both. By choosing an established brand, you achieve a couple of objectives. First, you ‘future proof’ yourself for a time. Second, you provide yourself a means of progressing your game using the very best technology. Whatever route you go down, you’ll find that with the above suggestions, your game will benefit.

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