Best Golf Hats for Sun Protection

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It’s no secret that consistently getting sunburned increases your risk of health issues down the line. As a golfer, you will be exposed to the sunlight, a lot. You’ll notice most players wear hat while playing, both at amateur and professional level. But to get the best golf hat for sun protection, there’s a bit more to it than just wearing a ball cap. To be frank, the best golf hats for sun protection are golf bucket hats.

Best Overall: Coolibar UPF 50+ Golf bucket Hat

Why Wear a Hat on the Golf Course?

Whether you’re playing golf in Australia, or playing in the blustering wind at Bandon Dunes, you’re exposing yourself to a potential sunburn opportunity. Even if this isn’t a problem for you, protecting your skin from the sun’s harmful rays is best for everyone. Let’s face it; we spend long periods of time in the hot sun, so protecting your skin against burns is a must.

If you pay close attention, you’ll also notice that many golfers wear standard ball caps. But are these really the best golf hats for sun protection when you’re out on the course? The most common answer is: yes, ball caps are perfectly acceptable when you’re playing golf and interested in preventing sunburn. However, the optimal hat is actually the bucket style golf hat, and it provides much more protection.

What to Look for in a Golf Hat

There are a few different types of golf hats, but the important thing when purchasing is to make sure your hat covers the basics . Keeping the sun out of your eyes is important because a bright sun can cause you to miss important shots. (I know you’ve been there, we all have). A few of the other important features to look for include:

  • The fabric: It should not only be comfortable but should also whisk away moisture from your face
  • Machine washability: Not all hats are washable, but it’s really convenient to be able to throw your hat in the washer to get it clean
  • Good protection from the sun: This is where wide brim golf hats may work best for some golfers as they offer the ultimate protection from the sun’s rays
  • Style and color: Completely subjective, but obviously an important factor for everyone

There are no hard-and-fast rules when it comes to choosing the perfect golf hat because a lot of it depends on your personal tastes and preferences. The most common types of golf hats include ball caps, wide brim hats, bucket hats, and visors. The best golf hats for sun protection are golf bucket hats, thanks to the additional coverage they provide.

Once again, as long as it does a good job of keeping the sun off of your face and eyes, you should be able to use the hat with confidence every time you go out on the golf course.

Why Are Hats So Important When You’re Playing Golf?

We’ve already covered a few of the reasons why golf hats are so important. Contrary to what many people believe, golf hats are not just a way to show off a golfer’s sponsorship company. In addition to protecting yourself from both the glare of the sun and its harmful UV rays, there is another reason to wear a hat: your hair.

Whether you’re short-haired or, as in the case of many female golfers, long-haired, keeping that hair away from your face goes a long way in helping you see better while playing and prevent it from getting in your eyes or face area.

In addition, the best golf hats for sun protection also help you narrow your view without squinting, helping you see the ball better so that you can better concentrate on your shot. Focusing on the ball instead of on the background or the crowd is always easier when you’re wearing some type of golf hat.

And as if these things weren’t important enough, consider how helpful a hat is if you’re on the golf course and it starts to rain. Rain can be kept out of your face with a nice golf hat, especially if wide brim golf sun hats are the ones that you prefer.

Do you have to wear a hat on the golf course? Obviously not. But to be frank, they help you out when it comes to sun protection and visibility, which will ultimately help you out while you play.

Above all else, the right golf hat makes a statement. It’s a statement that says that you’re proud to be a golfer and you’re ready for some more action on the course! And if you’re curious about finding some of the best golf bucket hats on the market, keep reading.

Best Golf Hats for Sun Protection: Our List

Best Overall: Coolibar Golf sun Hat

The Coolibar Golf Hat is a wide-brim hat that is made out of comfortable polyester and provides 98% protection from the sun’s harmful rays. The fabric is lightweight and breathable as well as ultra soft and quick to dry. The elastic drawcord in the back makes it easier to adjust the hat so that it fits just right and it even comes with an internal sweatband for extra absorption capability. Coolibar is recognized for producing exceptional quality hats for sun protection, and this model includes UPF 50+.

The Coolibar Hat also comes in three separate sizes and has a four-inch front brim for extra protection from the sun. It is available in seven different color combinations, which means that it can easily match your wardrobe regardless of what you’re wearing out on the course. If you’re specifically looking for a hat with a wide brim, look no further because this is it. As far as wide brim golf hats go, this one is one of the best.

In terms of protection, this is definitely our pick for the best overall. We find this hat to be pretty reasonably priced, and appreciate the several color options for customization.

Nike Golf Bucket Hat

Nike has a well-deserved reputation for making high-quality products and this Nike Golf Bucket Hat is no exception. Available in three different colors and four sizes, it comes with the familiar Nike logo discreetly printed on the top portion of the hat. This light, breathable hat is easy to carry with you and provides excellent UV protection for golf and all other sports as well.

If you’re looking for one of the best golf hats for sun protection currently available, don’t overlook this one. It does a great job of protecting your facial area from the sun so that you can see your shots better and its brim provides better protection on the back of your neck, which is an area that a lot of hats forget about.

Titleist Tour Aussie Golf bucket Hat

This tour-inspired golf hat comes complete with the fancy Titleist logo and is made out of 100% polyester. It comes in one size that fits nearly everyone and is available in three different color combinations. The Titleist golf hat also consists of stretchy material and an adjustable closure for a perfect fit regardless of the size of your head.

The chin strap attached to the hat is removable for the most comfortable fit and there is even an inside pocket for storing small items as you play. In addition, it is made with a deeper fit than many other types of golf hats, making it more comfortable especially for people with larger heads. The hat holds up very well in high-wind situations. It is comfortable and provides great protection for the back of the neck.

Under Armour Golf Bucket Hat

This lightweight, machine-washable bucket hat is perfect for playing golf or simply spending long periods of time outdoors. It offers UPF 30 protection from the sun and is stretchable and fast-drying for the ultimate relief from moisture and sweat. The special band on the inside whisks moisture away quickly, keeping you cool and dry the entire time. It also offers the best value for your money without sacrificing quality.

This Under Armour Bucket Hat comes in one size and three different color combinations. It even has an attached cord that goes under the chin and makes for the perfect fit. Made out of 100% polyester, it can be washed by throwing it in a washing machine and comes in a relaxed but well-fitting design. It is simply a high-quality, durable hat that is meant to last a very long time. It does a great job of covering your entire head area for top-notch protection from the sun.

Polo Ralph Lauren golf Bucket Hat

Available in three different sizes and both khaki and white, the Polo Ralph Lauren Bucket Hat comes complete with the famous Ralph Lauren logo embroidered on it. It is machine-washable for convenience and made out of 100% cotton for great comfort. Its brim is seamed for both attractiveness and practicality and it even has stitched grommets on the sides to provide a little extra ventilation while you play.

If you need a top-notch golf hat that fits perfectly, is super comfortable, and tells the world that you are interested in style and fashion, the Polo Ralph Lauren one is for you. It isn’t just the logo itself that you can show off; it’s all of the other perks that come with this extraordinary golf hat.

Final Thoughts

Keeping your head cool and out of the sun is massively important in golf. If you’re looking for optimal sun protection, the best choices will definitely be golf bucket hats. They have extra coverage and will shade much of your face and neck, more so than a baseball style hat. For us, if you’re going for sun coverage, it gets no better than the Coolibar Golf Sun Hat, as this hat has optimal UPF protection, and the brand has awesome recognition for sun protection.

Thanks for reading! Looking more more golf accessories? Check out our post on golf shoes!

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