The Best Golf Rain Gear in 2020: Complete Review

I’m one of those people who not only doesn’t mind playing golf in the rain, but even enjoys it. For me, I find the sounds of the rain to be relaxing (unless it’s pouring out), and I love that you can attack the pin a little more with a softer green. This, plus the fact that I have high quality rain gear that allows me to play my round without feeling like I’m getting soaked or feeling restricted in my swing.

Having high quality rain gear can have a huge impact on your round; an unexpected rain shower becomes a shoulder shrug instead of an annoyance. If the weather starts to turn during your round, the worst thing in the world is having nothing to keep you comfortable and covered. In this review, we’ve covered the market for the best golf rain gear in 2020. Check out our findings, below!

Want the Short Version? Here’s Our Top Pick for Golf Rain Gear: FootJoy DryJoys FJ HydroLite Rainwear Rain Shirt

2020 Golf Rain Gear Buyers Guide: What to Consider Before You Buy

Not all rain gear is created equally. Before you buy, make sure you consider these important factors.

Before you continue, here are some useful tips on playing golf in the rain:

Mobility and Comfort

Mobility is the reason you don’t just throw on a north face or a shell layer to protect yourself from the elements on the golf course. Have you ever tried swinging a golf club with a normal rain jacket on? You have far less mobility and a reduced range of motion, which can easily throw you off during your golf swing. Along side mobility, we feel like comfort is just as important when evaluating your next golf jacket.


Of course with golf rain gear, you’re going to want your equipment to be weatherproof. There are a few frequently used terms in this section, which I’d like to just go ahead and define for us. It’s important to know the difference between these key terms to understand what you need or want from your equipment.

Waterproof: Waterproof is the ultimate protection from the elements, and rain gear that is waterproof is held to the highest standard. Waterproof items will confidently protect your under layers under any circumstances, and keep you comfortably dry the entire time.

Windproof: While the material on windproof jackets seems like it may have some weatherproofing to it, there is no correlation between wind resistance and water resistance in a golf jacket unless they explicitly say so. If your gear says windproof, you’re not going to be explicitly protected from the rain, just strong gusts of wind!

Rainproof: Rainproof equipment is not as protective as something that’s fully waterproof, but it will still protect you from the elements better than your average jacket. This is a workable option if need be.

All of the items we’ve reviewed are fully waterproof, because of how important this is for high quality equipment. The highest quality items will have time limited warranties on waterproofing.


Fit is important with any piece of clothing, and for golf this goes back to the importance of mobility during your golf swing. There are many different styles for golf rain gear; some options will be more tailored and form fitting while others will have more room for you to move about. Fit will determine how comfortable you are during your round, and can mentally have a big impact on your game! Deciding how you’d like your rain jacket to fit will be important to choosing the right equipment for you.


High quality golf rain equipment is surprisingly expensive. If you need to invest something truly waterproof, be prepared to shell out between $150-350 for anything that’s exceptionally well made. On the absolute low end, you can find gear that will get the job done somewhere around $80. You can find some real value buys in the $150-200 range that feature a waterproof warranty and will last several seasons. In this category of equipment, quality most definitely comes at a premium, and is definitely worth the investment.

The Best Golf Rain Gear in 2020

Our Top Pick: FootJoy DryJoys FJ HydroLite Rainwear Rain Shirt

FootJoy DryJoys FJ HydroLite Rainwear Rain Shirt

After trying multiple different options for golf rain gear, the FootJoy’s DryJoys Hydrolite Short Sleeve stood out to us as the best option on the market. The Hydrolite short sleeve rain jacket is a perfect addition to the avid golfer’s golf bag, thanks to it’s light weight and exceptional performance. This rain pullover is 100% waterproof, and is the lightest garment that DryJoys has ever produced. The Hydrolite is made from 100% polyester that allows for 4-way stretch. This stretchy material does well to allow you to move freely within your golf swing, and is completely non-restrictive. Because of the short sleeves and light fabric, it’s also very easy to store in your golf bag without taking up much room.

Most of the time that you play in the rain, this jacket will do just fine. Of course, if you anticipate a non-stop downpour for 4 hours, you may want to opt for a long sleeve rain jacket. But for the rain most of us play in, you’ll be comfortable completely dry, and able to perform your best in this short sleeve pullover. The Hydrolite comes in several color options, and frankly looks pretty good when you’re on the course. This piece also boasts a 2 year waterproof warranty, cementing the fact that this is a highly functional piece of golf rain gear. If you’re looking for the best option overall, we love having the Hydrolite stored in our bags!

  • 100% Waterproof
  • 2 Year Waterproof Warranty
  • Lightweight and non-restrictive fit
  • Exceptional quality
  • Multiple color options
  • Somewhat expensive
  • Not ideal in monsoon weather

Best Cold Weather Option: Under Armour Mens Storm Gore-tex Paclite Full Zip Jacket

Under Armour Mens Storm Gore-tex Paclite Full Zip Jacket

Gore- Tex material is well known to be well made, 100% waterproof material that is also windproof an very durable. Under Armour’s Storm Gore-Tex Paclite rain jacket is a great option for anyone who wants complete coverage and protection from the elements while they’re out on the golf course. This rain jacket is made with a 2 layer fabric that allows for a smooth and completely weatherproof outer layer and a soft interior, making this a very comfortable option.

This jacket will protect very well in harsh conditions, and is well suited for anyone who anticipates playing in cold and windy rain conditions. The back pleat of the jacket allows for a full range of motion during your golf swing. Overall if you think you may need protection in colder conditions, the Gore-Tex material of the Under Armour Men’s Storm jacket will do well to keep you warm and dry while you’re out there!

  • Premium Gore-Tex material provides exceptional protection from water and wind
  • Well insulated jacket
  • Great for colder weather
  • Athletic fit
  • Long sleeves can be somewhat restrictive
  • Runs a little bit small due to the athletic fit

Best Premium Pick: FootJoy DryJoys Select LS Navy S Rainwear Rain Jacket

FootJoy DryJoys Select LS Navy S Rainwear Rain Jacket

If money isn’t an issue, this premium FootJoy DryJoys Select Rain Jacket is a tour proven option that provides unparalleled coverage and protection from the elements. This is another piece from FootJoy’s DryJoys collection that offers a 2-year waterproof protection warranty. Everything from the cuffs to the zippers are fully waterproof, and the Select Rain Jacket features an Xtreme DWR finish that beads and sheds water from the exterior with ease. The fabric used in the DryJoys Select is made to be ultralight and ultra soft, without sacrificing mobility or range of motion.

If you’re interested in a premium golf rain jacket and want the best possible choice on the market, this is our go to option. The DryJoys Select will keep you protected from the harshest elements you can face on the course, and will last many seasons making this our favorite premium pick.

  • Ultralight weight material
  • Cutting edge fabric for top waterproof performance
  • 2-Year Waterproof Warranty
  • Protection in harshest elements
  • Most expensive option on our list

Abacus Swinley Navy L Rainwear Rain Jacket

Abacus Swinley Navy L Rainwear Rain Jacket

Abacus is a smaller sportswear company based out of Sweden, and their Swinley jacket is another good and stylish option to wear on the golf course. This jacket is also 100% waterproof, but is not as well insulated as other picks on this list, so it won’t be the best for freezing cold conditions. This is a highly breathable jacket that is perfect for mild to warmer conditions.

  • Stylish design
  • Detachable hood
  • 100% Waterproof
  • On the pricey side
  • Not as warm as a few other options we’ve listed

Best Value Golf Rain Jacket: Adidas Golf Rain RDY Black Rainwear Rain Jacket

Adidas Golf Rain RDY Black M Rainwear Rain Jacket

If you want some quality golf rain gear without forking up a few hundred bucks, we don’t blame you. For that reason, we love the Adidas Golf Rain RDY rain jacket; this is one of the more affordable waterproof jackets we’ve reviewed, yet there’s no sacrifice in quality. The Rain RDY jacket is waterproof, windproof, and offers UV 50+ protection. This is a good option for any climate; you’ll be able to stay warm in colder conditions, and you won’t overheat on a warmer day. this jacket also features waterproof zippers, and front zipper pockets for storage. Frankly, this is a classic looking Adidas jacket that you’ll be able to take full swings in without getting restricted in your movement.

If you want a bang for buck golf rain jacket, this is a very solid pick.

  • Reasonably priced
  • 100% Waterproof
  • UV 50+ protection
  • Limited color options
  • Not as much flexibility as other options

Budget Pick: Sun Mountain Monsoon 19/20 Red M Rainwear Rain Jacket

Sun Mountain Monsoon 19/20 Red M Rainwear Rain Jacket

Sun Mountain has produced a great golf rain jacket with their Monsoon rainwear jacket. This is another option with a 2-year warranty, which may come as a surprise due to the reasonable price tag. Sun Mountain use a DRW finish to make the outer surface of the jacket completely water repellent, allowing water to bead right off. The pockets on the Monsoon rain jacket are meant to be hand warming pockets with storm flaps, keeping you warm without allowing any water to get in. The most unique aspect of this jacket is that it folds into itself; you can put this jacket inside its own pocket, allowing for very easy storage in any situation.

As far as truly waterproof golf rain jackets go, Sun Mountain have produced an impressively affordable product here. If you want to stick to a limited budget, you can grab this golf jacket for under $100, making this easily the most affordable option we could find.

  • Fully Waterproof option
  • Folds into itself for compact storage
  • Budget friendly rain jacket
  • Lower quality materials than other products on this list

Best Golf Rain Pants: Adidas Men’ Climastorm Provisional Rain Pant

Adidas Men' Climastorm Provisional Rain Pant

While golf rain pants are less popular than golf rain jackets, these Adidas Climastorm Provisionals will meet the needs of most any golfer. If you plan on using these golf rain pants, you’re definitely a serious golfer who most likely has a money game scheduled that can’t be moved. These Climastorm Provisionals are seam sealed and 100% waterproof, including waterproof front zipper pockets. These pants are made from 100% polyester twill, and feature a drawcord on the waist to easily adjust the fit to be to your liking. Overall they’re comfortable, easily to slip on, and very light and easily packable. If you’re out to buy some golf rain pants, these definitely get the job done well.

  • Easy to slip on and quickly adjust to desired fit
  • Comfortable
  • Affordable
  • Runs a bit long

Final Thoughts

High quality golf rain gear is essential for any golfer. Above all, it needs to be 100% waterproof, otherwise you’re completely wasting your money. After careful review of the market, we found the FootJoy DryJoys FJ HydroLite Rainwear Rain Shirt to be our top pick. The Hydrolite short sleeve is easy to store, and holds up very well in harsh conditions. We appreciate that they provide excellent mobility by being short sleeved, and there are plenty of styles available. If you’re in the market for some rain gear, we know you’re a true golfer, and we salute you. See you out there.

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