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Golf Bags with Golf Towels

A good golf towel is something I consider essential for any golfer. Without a golf towel, your clubs will undoubtedly get (and stay) dirty, which will actually impact your golf game.

The best towels will fit easily onto your bag to quickly clean your clubs, your golf ball and allows you to wipe your hands quickly. They need to be soft, absorbent, durable, and ready to perform when you are.

Playing with a golf towel is an absolute must; here’s a guide to all the best golf towels on the market this year!

Don’t feel like reading? Our Top Pick is the Club Glove Caddy And Pocket Golf Towel Set

Best Golf Towels: Our List

Our Top Pick: Club Glove Caddy and Pocket Golf Towel Set

Before writing this review, I bought this towel set and have used it for an entire season. The Club Glove Towel Set has been extremely convenient, and has proven to be very durable and get the job done on all fronts. I love that it comes with a pocket towel for cleaning your golf ball on the green.

Both included towels are made of durable microfiber, the larger towel has a slit that allows you to slip it over the club’s head. The waffle design makes it highly absorbent and great for cleaning in the groves and hollows of your equipment. They are soft and non-abrasive so that they won’t scratch your clubs or you.

These towels are also available in several different colors, so you can mix and match them with your cart, your golf bag, your chosen outfit for the day, or your particular mood. 

These towels are toward the more expensive side for a golf towel, but they have been well worth the investment. Overall, this is our top pick for a high quality golf towel for any situation.

Callaway Golf Uptown Towel

Callaway Golf Towel

The Callaway Uptown Towel is extra-long, providing more space for you to wipe your clubs. No one likes to fumble about when they are reaching for the towel. The extra length gives you more options and less wasted time. More towel means more space for cleaning.

Made from microfiber material, it is very absorbent, and the fiber helps remove debris from the club or ball. This towel comes with a carabineer to make access easier, which you can clip on anywhere you are most comfortable. 

This is a simple option produced by Callaway at a decent price that would suit any bag.

NFL Team Embroidered Golf Towel

NFL Golf Towel

This is a fan favorite for many NFL fans out there. The NFL Team Golf Towel is made with a cotton blend and features a checkered scrubber design for better removing the debris from your clubs. The swivel clips mean you can easily turn it around and over when you need to reach any of the three folds.

These towels will deliver for whatever you need them for. Clean the grass and mud off your golf balls, your clubs, your hands, your shoes, dab the sweat away, and all in its soft, absorbent comfort. 

Navy blue with the logo of all NFL teams available (shown is Rams) this towel is well made and built to last. This is another very affordable option that fits just about any golf bag.

Clothlete 3 Pack Greenside Microfiber

Golf Towel made by Clothlete 3 pack

This towel is meant to be versatile and extremely absorbent, which suits just about any golfer. The Clothlete 3 Pack Greenside Towels come in a pack of three, featuring white, black, and grey towels. They are designed to be taken with you to the green to keep your putter grip dry, clean balls and wipe away debris from any club.

These microfiber towels are very affordable and meant to last. They come with an easy snap feature, which allows you to put them anywhere you like, snap two together, or have one on your person, one on your bag and one covering the back of your neck from the sun. 

These towels hold a slightly odd shape, and some people have reported difficulty attaching them to their bags. Still, for the price and quality, this is a great option.

Nike Microfiber Caddy Golf Towel

Nike Golf Towel

It’s hard to think about any sport at all without thinking about Nike. The Nike Microfiber Caddy Towels certainly stand up to the Nike quality name. This is a true caddy towel meant to hang from your golf bag, mostly for your clubs.

This microfiber towel has the waffle design and will absorb the moisture, remove the dirt and debris and not scratch your clubs or your face while it’s doing it. 

The extra size means you can have part of it wet for washing and wiping, and part of it left dry to absorb the wet off you and your equipment. Overall, this is a high quality option from Nike.

Greens Towel Microfiber Golf Towel

Greens towel golf towel

The Greens Towel Microfiber Golf Towels are highly convenient and versatile that belong on the green just as much as they belong on your golf bag. The lightweight microfiber material used keeps these towels soft, absorbent, and highly practical. They also come in a three-pack, providing you backups that you can change out quickly.

These are not oversize caddy style towels. They’re compact and thoughtfully sized to serve multiple purposes. The towel measures 16″x 16″, which is about 2x the size of a green-side towel, and half the size of a full length option.

This is a great option for anyone looking for the best bang for buck option. They are very well-made and hold their shape and quality through multiple uses.

 Simplicity 100% Terry Velour Cotton

Golf Towel By Simpliciity

The Simplicity Terry Velour Towels are coming in under the ‘not microfiber’ category. These golf towels are cotton which makes them soft, absorbent, and the perfect, lightweight, small golf towel. 

A small metal swivel clip is perfect for attaching the towel to whatever you need to. Easy to clip on and easy to remove. It’s light enough that you can have several towels in the same place, one for your hands and one for your golf ball or clubs. 

If you’d like to avoid microfiber towels for some reason, this is a great alternative on the market. Overall this is a solid option for any golfer.

Spotless Swing Multi-Use Towel

Golf Towel- Spotless Swing

The Spotless Swing Multi-Use Towel is effectively 3 separate towels in 1. The way it’s designed, the inside of the towel is a bit rougher “microbrush” texture which helps clean your irons more effectively.

What makes this golf towel stand out is that it is like a finger-less mitten. You can use the outside for your hands and face, while you can poke your clubs, or the golf ball up inside the mitten for drying or cleaning.

It comes with a hook on the top to easily attach it to your cart or bag or even your belt loop for easy access. You can also hang it upside down for easier access to the inner workings for cleaning and drying your equipment. This is a quirky golf towel that ticks all the boxes for any golf towel.

Mile High Life Towel

The Mile High Life Towel comes as a package, including a retractable brush tool kit and a groove pick to get out all the excess grass, mud, and dirt. It’s a three-fold towel of microfiber material that makes it easy to clean and very absorbent. The two-sided brush cleans both irons and woods.

It has a clip to attach where you want, and it also comes in several different colors. That means you can match your golf bag, your clubs, the club’s headcovers, or even your outfit for the day. It’s a great price, too, so buy a few for different moods, different outfits. It’s not just the ladies who have different colored outfits. 

This is a really affordable option, considering it comes with a club brush tool as well!

Wrap up

A golf towel completes any golfer’s bag. There are a ton of options on the market, and the main ways to choose your golf towel are through durability, material and price.

You will have noticed that most of these towels are of the microfiber material, which is specifically designed to absorb moisture, clean the debris, and remain lightweight and functional. 

For us, the best golf towel (set) is hands down the Club Glove Towel Set; it comes with two extremely well made tour style golf towels. These towels are highly customizable through tons of color schemes, and are built to last.

Thanks for reading!

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