Best Low Compression Golf Balls in 2020: The Results

Low Compression Golf Ball on green

Low compression golf balls are much softer than standard golf balls, and in turn require less swing speed to compress. This can be a huge benefit for anyone who can’t swing very fast, which is why I usually recommend low compression golf balls for seniors.

Overall, the best low compression golf balls will help you achieve longer distance off the tee, and help you increase spin in your short game. If you have a higher swing speed, you may find the ball to be too soft around the greens; if you’re looking for more general information on golf balls, I have another guide that can help you out!

Here are my top picks on the best low compression golf balls in 2020.

Best Low Compression Golf Balls:

Best Overall: Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Balls

Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Balls

With a compression rating of 75, the Callaway Chrome Soft is one of the best golf balls for golfers with slower swing speeds, and our pick for the best option overall. The combination of a larger core and the super-soft urethane cover which Callaway uses here is what helps set this golf ball apart from other low compression golf balls. These two factors give this ball exceptional feel and distance, making this ball perfect for seniors or other players with low-to-moderate swing speed.

While low compression golf balls all cater to slower swing speeds, it can be tough to quantify what that means. According to a study done by MyTPI, the average male golfer above the age of 65 will be able to swing the club between 85 and 104 mph, with the average being somewhere around 95 mph. The ideal swing speed for this golf ball is 90 to 100 mph, which includes the vast majority of players above the age of 65.

If you’re looking for a soft, low compression golf ball that will deliver tour quality performance, this is definitely the best overall pick on the market this year. A dozen is slightly more expensive than the average ball, but well worth it.

Srixon Q-Star Tour 3 Low Compression Golf Balls

The Srixon Q-Star Tour 3 is another excellent option that is great for anyone looking for a low compression tour quality ball. Srixon focuses on delivering lower spin on longer shots for maximum distance, combined with greenside feel and control. Srixon advertises that this ball will compress for anyone with a swing speed over 75 mph. The Q-Star Tour 3 has the same premium feel that you’d find with a premium ball like the Pro V1 or the Srixon Z-Star, partially due to the urethane cover.

If you compare the Tour 3 golf ball with any of the golf balls that belong to Srixon’s Z-Star series in terms of performance, you’ll notice that the Tour 3 ball is a lot more like Z-Star golf balls rather Q-Star balls, however they’re slightly cheaper.

Best Ultra Low Compression Option: Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls

If you’re looking for ultra-low compression set of golf balls, the Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls are a really strong option; these balls are even easier to compress than others mentioned in this review. With a compression rating of 38, this is a perfect set of golf balls for golfers that have a driver swing speed that’s somewhere between 60 and 75. 

This ball helps golfers with some of the slowest swing speeds stay competitive by enhancing distance off the tee, and providing an optimal launch angle for more carry. It’s worth noting that this ball doesn’t have a urethane cover. Instead, it features Callaway’s Trigonometry cover, offering shot-stopping wedge spin and soft feel. 

These balls are quite cheap, and will really help out anyone lacking swing speed. If you need a boost in distance, these are a great option to help you achieve compression consistently.

Wilson Staff Duo Soft Golf Balls

The Wilson Staff Duo Soft Golf Balls offer the absolute lowest compression on the market with this 2 piece golf ball. This ball has an exceptionally low compression rating of 29, which is officially the lowest compression rating of all time. These are the softest distance balls you can find.

With that in mind, it’s safe to say that the Wilson Staff Duo Soft is the perfect ball for golfers with very slow swing speeds. It shouldn’t come as any surprise that this model is remarkably soft, which means that the spring effect will be maximized when you compress the golf ball.

If you take a close look at other low-compression balls available on the market, you won’t find a ball that offers the same performance at a lower price tag. Compared to the original Duo model, the Wilson Staff Duo Soft is approximately 25% softer and comparably longer in distance. The Wilson Duo Soft is also available in a wide range of colors. All things considered, this is the lowest compression ball you can find.

Titleist DT Trusoft Golf Balls

The final low compression golf ball on our list is the Titleist DT Trusoft. This golf ball features the lowest compression and softest feel of all Titleist’s lineup of golf balls. With this ball, you can get more distance and tour-level greenside performance even if your swing speed isn’t all that high. 

The DT Trusoft golf ball is constructed to meet advanced aerodynamics standards. This ensures that it delivers consistent ball flight and maximum distance. The new TruFlex cover also ensures that the ball provides a very soft feel around the green and increased short game spin.

The Bottom Line

After checking out the options on the market, our top pick is definitely the Callaway Chrome Soft. These are one of my personal favorites to play with, as they offer tour quality distance and feel for golfers with slower swing speeds. Let us know your favorite low compression golf balls in the comments below.

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