Best Noodle Golf Balls: Full Review for 2021

Noodle Golf Ball in Grass

Ok, so asking if anyone has found your Noodle can lead to all sorts of jokes when out on the course, but they won’t be laughing when you hit your ball 40 yards past theirs. Noodle balls are mid-priced balls famous for being soft and long (just like a real-life noodle). They are specifically tailored to the average high handicap golfer, but what does that actually entail? Well, today I’m going to show you a range of the best noodle golf balls, show you their key features and explain which ones might be best for you. Check out our full review below!

The Best Noodle Golf Balls | Quick View

The TaylorMade Noodle golf balls are what could be described as ‘value’ balls. They are made of 2-piece construction. The standout feature of all the Noodle golf balls is their low compression rating. This offers those with slow swing speeds an increase in distance. All of the Noodle range is covered in a durable Iothane cover. This further promotes a soft feel and gives a relatively good grip with the clubface, promoting spin and control when playing into greens.

The current range features the Noodle’ Long and Soft’, the Noodle’ Neon’, and the Noodle ‘Easy Distance’.

All are suited to beginners, seniors, and anyone who wants more distance. Generally speaking, golfers who play with a Noodle are looking for a ball that will produce more distance for them.

What Are Noodle Golf Balls?

For a long time, even the best noodle golf balls were considered to be very much a low-end ‘budget’ ball. They were produced by MaxFli and, as a result, shared some of its reputation, namely for being affordable and towards the lower end of the scale in terms of performance and quality.

But then all that changed.


Because none other than TaylorMade took over ownership of the brand, and since then, good things have happened. You’ll often hear guys referring to them as the ‘TaylorMade Noodle golf ball’ instead of the plain old ‘Noodle’.

Whatever works for you guys.

Taylorma… Sorry, Noodle’s flagship ball has always been the Noodle Long and Soft. This ball was ideal for those players with slower swings who wanted all of the benefits of a distance ball without sacrificing too much feel. And it appeared to work.

On the back of this success, Noodle has added a range of balls that offer different features to its lineup.

Are Noodle Golf Balls Any Good?

The truth is that Noodle golf balls are pretty good. Especially if you are a player with a relatively slow swing speed (I’m talking sub 100mph).

They are reasonably priced, and you’ll get 5 sleeves of 3 balls in a pack, so that’s 15 golf balls in total. For the money, they are actually great value. While they couldn’t possibly hope to keep up with the major players like the Titleist Pro V1, they offer an affordable solution for those who don’t like ‘cheap’ feeling balls, want a little more distance, but don’t want to spend a ton of money on golf balls.

Noodle balls are low compression. As a result, they aren’t as tightly ‘wound’. The upshot is that they compress more readily on the clubface, adding distance. They aren’t particularly suited to those with faster swings as the ball will spin more and be much more difficult to control. 

While marketed as low compression, they aren’t the softest feeling balls you will encounter. That Iothane cover only goes so far… I was surprised at how ‘hard’ they felt trying all three of the different Noodle golf balls.

To see my other results and find out which is the best noodle golf ball, be sure to check out my detailed review below.

Best Noodle Golf Balls Reviewed 2021

So, let’s take a look at what we have. Today, I will be running through the Noodle Long and Soft, the Noodle Neon, and the Noodle Easy Distance golf balls. Each have their own unique benefits and drawbacks, and of course slightly different target markets.

Noodle Long and Soft Golf Balls

The Noodle ‘Long and Soft’ golf ball is Noodle’s flagship product. In fact, it can be considered the original, and the brand takes its name from the above two features. But do they work?

In truth, yes, they do!

The Noodle Long and Soft balls come in a sleeve of 15 balls, but you’ll also occasionally find them in packs of 24. They are only available in a white finish.

The compression rating of the Long and Soft golf ball is a shocking 34! That means that they are especially good for distance. To aid this further, you’ll find the surface covered with 342 dimples. This is far greater than what is considered ‘standard’.

As a result of the increased number of dimples, golf players can expect to get a significant increase in lift and a reduction in drag.

The Iothane cover is particularly worthy of note. This gives the ball a slightly softer feel. It is also super durable, leading to reduced abrasions and scuffs during your round.

While I have a relatively fast swing speed, I was impressed with the overall performance based on the price when I dialed it back. You won’t get as much backspin as with a true ‘players’ ball. But it is possible to make approach shots into the green check and stop.

The balls also felt great on and around the greens, neither too hard nor too soft.

Noodle Neon Golf Balls

If you enjoy playing in bad weather or have just decided that white balls are just a little bit boring, then these could be the ball for you.

As the name would suggest, the Noodle Neon golf balls come in a range of bright colors. You’ll be able to buy either bright green, bright blue, or bright red balls. A little note, the red is actually difficult to spot, especially on dewy fairways. (Or in deep rough, luckily they are pretty affordable)

You’ll still find the same number of increased dimples adding to the distance. However, there is another difference.

The Noodle Neon golf balls have a slightly higher compression ratio of 62. As a result, you might not get the same distance for a given swing speed. Even with a higher compression rating, they still feel relatively soft.

I must admit, with my swing speed, I found these slightly easier to handle. For those sub-100, they will still be in the right ballpark to improve your game.

Noodle Easy Distance Golf Balls

Easy distance? Isn’t that something that we all want? If you found the compression on the long and soft a little too high, and a brightly colored ball doesn’t float your boat, then these could be ideal.

They sit at the very bottom of the scale, with a compression rating of just 50. They are some of the least tightly ‘wound’ balls on the market. The good news is that you get all of the nice features found in the Noodle Long and Soft, except these are geared even more to those with slower swings.

Who are the ‘Easy Distance’ golf balls for? Certainly not mid or low-handicappers. These Noodle balls would be the perfect choice for seniors, juniors, or ladies who have yet to fully develop their swing.

Best Alternatives to Noodle Golf Balls

Not sure if a Noodle golf ball will be your cup of tea?

Here are some worthy alternatives that you might want to consider.

Volvik Vivid

If it is the distance you are looking for, then Volvik Vivids could be for you. They are used in long drive competitions, and they will give you a little extra off the tee. They aren’t quite as soft as the Noodle, but with a compression rating of 75, they still sit (just) within what I’d consider a ‘mid to low’ compression golf ball.

One standout feature that you can’t fail to miss is the bright colors that feature in the Volvik Vivids. Suppose you liked the idea of the Noodle Neon’s, but the playing characteristics weren’t quite right. In that case, this could be an excellent compromise.

They are also similarly priced, but you get a little extra. These are a 3-piece golf ball. As a result, you are going to get slightly better performance for similar money.

Here are the features of the Volvik Vivid:

  • Long carry and big distance
  • Brightly colored
  • Excellent value
  • 3-piece construction

You can read a full review of the Volvik Vivid here.

Callaway Hex Soft Golf Balls

From one premium brand to another. Sure the Callaway balls are slightly less cost-effective, but they should provide a similar level of performance. Namely, a bigger distance for a less explosive golf player.

As with the best Noodle golf balls, the Callaway hex is of 2-piece construction. It also features a durable Ionomer cover, designed to be long-lasting and durable, not to mention grippy for good spin around the greens.

This is one of Callaway’s softest balls, so if you were looking for soft feel in the Noodles but want to try something different, this is a really worthy alternative.

Here are the key features of the Callaway Hex golf balls:

  • 2- piece construction
  • Good for distance
  • Low compression
  • Premium brand

Best Noodle Golf Balls FAQ

You might be new to Noodle Golf balls. Here are some of the things I am most commonly asked: –

Are Noodle Golf Balls Expensive?

Noodle golf balls are actually really great value. When you consider that they are produced and manufactured by TaylorMade, you are getting quite a lot of bang for your buck. When you also consider that balls such as the Noodle Neon are easier to spot, and therefore harder to lose, players can expect to need to replace them less often.

Which Noodle Golf Ball is Best?

For the money, the Noodle Long and Soft is an excellent choice. It offers a good middle ground between the Neon and the Easy Distance models. It is a sensible color and offers pretty good distance and control around the greens. If you swing slower, go for the Easy Distance.

Do Noodle Golf Balls Go Further?

Yes, they do up to a point. While beginners and high handicappers will benefit, they may find that they ‘outgrow’ the ball as their game improves. Once players start getting longer carry, it could be time to consider switching as they’ll find the low compression quickly can become uncontrollable.

Are Noodle Golf Balls Legal?

It is a fallacy that Noodle balls aren’t legal to play with. They are 100% legal for use in tournaments and competitions. You won’t see them used on tour because the compression doesn’t suit the swings of the true professionals. Furthermore, more premium balls are out there that are far more appropriate for ‘true players’.

Final Thoughts

The best Noodle golf balls all offer roughly similar qualities. Namely, they travel further with less effort. If you are just starting out in golf and aren’t sure what ball to use, they would be a superb choice. They are also pretty affordable and durable too. While the Noodle brand may have changed hands, the fact that they have been around so long is a testament to how great these golf balls really are. Give them a try.

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