Best Putter Grips for 2022: Complete Buyers Guide

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When it comes to taking care of your golf clubs, it usually doesn’t take much thought to replace your iron and wood grips, as they see a lot of wear and tear over the course of a season. The putter grip can often be overlooked when taking care of your clubs, meanwhile it’s probably the most important grip on any of your golf clubs!

Your putter grip is the only thing connecting you to your putter, which is of course going to be your #1 scoring club. The grip you use can have a pretty major impact on how comfortable you are over the ball, as well as the steadiness of your stroke. Having the best putter grip on your putter can directly translate to more sunk putts and lower scores. But how do you choose the best putter grips for your game? We’ve compiled a comprehensive guide for you here; let’s dive in.

Best Putter Grips | Our List

SuperStroke Traxion Tour Putter Grip

After trying every putter grip on this list, I ended up putting the SuperStroke Traxion Tour putter grip on my putter. Over the last 5 years or more, SuperStroke has cemented their name as one of the few leading putter grip brands on the market, and this one fits right in the middle of their range. There are 5 different sizing options for this Tour grip, and 8 different color-ways making this a versatile and customizable pick.

One of the more notable features of the Traxion Tour Series is the no-taper design– a straight putter grip where there is no variation in size on the grip. This straight putter grip is meant to promote even grip pressure, as well as minimize wrist and hand movement. This reduction in hand movement helps players create a more predictable and dependable putting stroke, which is what has made Super Stroke’s grips so reliable and popular.

As far as other standout features, the Tour Series features SuperStroke’s signature Traxion Control, their advanced surface texture that provides a bit extra tack and stroke feedback. The Spyne technology is also quite unique to this putter; this is an embossed ridge along the underside of this putter that helps make your hand position more repeatable. There’s also a tech port feature on this grip, where you can add counterweight to your putter grip if you so choose.

Every characteristic of this putter grip has been thoughtfully designed, with the intention of helping the player square the face and make a repeatable putting stroke. The material of this putter is durable, and should last many seasons of continued use. This grip comes with a pricetag of under $30, and takes our top spot as the best putter grip you can buy. If you want a grip that can truly impact your stroke, this is a tried and tested pick.

Zenesty Golf Putter Grip

Zenesty is by no means a household name in the golf grip industry, however these guys know how to make a high quality grip. This is another oversized option, measuring about 3″ in diameter. There are 4 different color options for this putter grip, each featuring Zenesty’s unique personality. This grip is known for it’s shock absorption, comfort, and a very attractive price point compared to other market leading choices.

Zenesty’s Wosofe putter grip for men is made with PU material on the outside, and a sponge foam on the inside. This material blend makes this a softer grip, which provides a comfortable ride as well as minimal vibration at impact during your putting stroke. This grip features a hexagonal concave surface design, made to prevent your hands sliding or moving during your putting stroke. This mid-sized grip can help you feel in control of your stroke, and proves to be an amazing bang for buck option. If you’re looking for high quality without paying for a name brand, this is an excellent pick.

Ping Putter Grip Blackout

There aren’t many grips that are as classic as a Ping grip; and a little fun fact for you, Tiger Woods actually has a ping grip on his Scotty Cameron putter (yes, really!). This blacked out PP58 grip is suitable most ping putters, but really will work on any putter on the market. If you like it, you should use it!

This is a slim or standard sized grip, made with smooth rubber that sits comfortably in your hands. This is a grip that just feels familiar, if you know what I mean. This type of grip is ideal if you want to replace an old grip, but aren’t sold on the idea of getting a mid sized or oversized putter grip. If you have a great stroke with a slim grip, these are one of the most popular on the market for a very good reason. The Ping PP58 is an excellent option for your classic putter grip style.

SuperStroke Slim 3.0 Putter Grip

Another very popular choice from SuperStroke is their SuperStroke Slim 3.0 putter grip. While the word slim is in the title, it’s important to note that this is still a fatter grip than your standard Ping grip. This grip is made for those who are dipping their toes in the water with thicker grips, but aren’t so sure about going full jumbo; you get a happy medium with the Slim 3.0.

The SuperStroke Slim 3.0 features the same straight grip no-taper design as the Traxion model reviewed above, and this grip measures 1.3″ in diameter. The outer layer of the Slim 3.0 is a tacky Polyurethane, helping secure this grip in your hands with minimal chance for slippage. To further reduce the chance of slippage, this grip features a cross traction texture, which comes in handy when your grip gets any sort of moisture on it’s surface.

While this is a bit slimmer of a grip from SuperStroke, the same idea is at play here: this grip helps you reduce wrist movement and create that nice consistent stroke that can help you improve your scores. This grip is another mid range grip in terms of price, coming in well under $30. If you aren’t sure about a true jumbo grip but want a more consistent stroke, this would be a good grip to try for your game.

Flat Cat Pistol Putter Grip

Flat Cat is a small boutique putter grip brand with one objective in mind: designing and developing one of the best putter grips you can buy. Frankly, they’re a smaller outfit but they’ve done extremely well for themselves. Flat Cat have 4 different putter grip styles that they offer, with our favorite being their Pistol Grip design. The Pistol is made from a lightweight Polyurethane material, designed to make this grip feel light and comfortable in your hands.

True to their name, Flat Cat’s grips feature flat sides, with the pistol model featuring 2 completely flat sides. The Pistol grip has a diameter of 1.37″, coming in just a touch larger than the SuperStroke Slim we mentioned above. This grip does a great job of quieting the hands and wrists, helping you start the ball out on the correct line. The Pistol Grip features a subtle taper being just a bit wider near your hands. If you want a unique, tapered grip that has a similar design to a SuperStroke, the Flat Cat Pistol grip is a fine choice.

Golf Pride Pro Only Putter Grip

The Golf Pride Pro Only golf grip is your classic, no frills, old school grip that will go well with any putter you like. The Pro Only lineup has 3 distinct designs, which all have been optimized through rigorous player driven testing to deliver an extremely responsive and comfortable grip. Our favorite of the 3 has a slight pistol kick design, with your standard slim width that you’d come to expect from a stock putter grip.

This is the only putter grip on this list featuring a cord material, which again points toward the old school design and origins of this pick. If you like a classic look and classic feel, this will do perfectly!

Karma Big Softy Oversized Putter Grip

If you’re not aware of Karma and their putter grip lineup, this is a brand that is selling high end putter grips at rock bottom prices. Their products are essentially factory direct, and often com in at about 1/3 of the price of their competitors. The Karma Big Softy will be a slightly heavier oversized grip option to promote less grip tension and a well connected stroke. Similar to other options, this grip is made of Polyurethane material, so while this is a cheaper option there is no sacrifice on material quality.

The Big Softy features a multi-textured design for exceptional traction and comfort through both the palms and thumbs. The grip weighs about 155 grams, which is nearly double the weight of all other options. The Softy is pistol shaped with a limited taper design, which is much more subtle than a traditional taper. While this is advertised as an oversized grip, it’s still actually a bit slimmer than the SuperStroke Slim.

As far as the features are concerned, this grip should cost somewhere around $25+, however because of Karma’s business model it’s much closer to $10, making this a huge value play. If you love a good deal, this is as good as it gets for a high quality putter grip.

Golf Pride Tour SNSR Contour Pro Putter Grip

The Golf Pride Tour SNSR Contour Pro Putter grip (it’s a mouthful) is a massively popular grip option produced by GP. This grip gets its name from the rubber used to make this grip; it’s made with a proprietary SNSR rubber, which is on the softer end of the spectrum for a nice and light feel during your stroke. This soft feel can have a big impact on the way you hold the club, creating a smooth and consistent roll on every stroke.

As the name suggests, this grip features a prominent contour style, which is a slightly more exaggerated pistol grip. This contour style is essential a pistol grip 2.0, helping your top hand lock in perfectly with the club for a nice and even stroke. There are 2 different size options available for this grip, as well as 2 different SNSR style putter grips by Golf Pride.

This grip is responsive, comfortable, and just fits well within your hands. This definitely feels like a high end putter grip, and is well worth the mid-ranged price tag it holds, You can never go wrong with a Golf Pride grip, and this one is as good as they come.

Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose the Best Putter Grips

There are just a few criteria to consider before you pull the trigger on a brand new putter grip. Here are a few things to keep in mind while making your decision:


Your standard “one size fits all” putter grip is no longer the only option on the market anymore, which is largely thanks to SuperStroke bringing a huge variation in grip sizes to the market. The size of your new grip has to be a major factor in your decision making. Do you want the standard size, which conforms to the shaft of the putter? Alternatively, do you want a jumbo grip, or somewhere in between?

We can tell you, a thicker putter grip will help you be less handsy, and stay more connected during your putter stroke. If you have problems controlling your putting speed, you may have a problem in hinging your wrists which can make your stroke less predictable.

Size is a huge huge consideration, so think about what you’d like from your grip, then choose accordingly.

Firmness & Texture

After you know the size you’d like, next thing to look at is going to be the material firmness and texture. There is no right and wrong answer when it comes to this criteria; it really is down to personal preference. Some grips tend to be softer and offer just a little bit of bounce in your putter grip, and on the contrary there are firm and rigid options, which you’ll typically find as a stock grip on any putter you buy off the rack.

As far as texture is concerned, there are plenty of options which again will come down to personal preference. There are some grips that are extra tacky helping you feel like your grip is very secure, which tend to be quite popular. Another pretty popular option is a vanilla rubber material that feels smooth in your hands- think Ping or Scotty Cameron stock grips here. Feel is always individual, so find what is best for you and see how you like it!


Price will always be a factor when it comes to golf equipment, and a good putter grip is no exception. Luckily, the majority of putter grips are pretty reasonably priced, and won’t be breaking the bank. You can usually snag a top end putter grip for less than $40-50, however if you want some sort of specialty piece, you may be paying just a bit more than that. On the budget friendly end, there are some options as cheap as about $10. I find a pretty strong correlation between quality and price, but don’t spend more than you can afford on this golf accessory.

Final Thoughts

There are so many styles to choose from when you’re evaluating putter grips, the choices can sometimes be daunting. Ultimately, the style putter grip that you choose needs to fit your game, and fit you needs. You should consider trying a couple styles out, and see what works well for you. If you haven’t tried a SuperStroke style putter grip, you should definitely consider giving it a try, and see if it improves your stroke consistency.

After trying each of these putter grips, the SuperStroke Traxion was my favorite; the straight grip is comfortable, oversized but not too big, and feels good in your hands. It’s not an overly expensive grip, and it feels high quality and should last many seasons in your bag. With all this said, this is my preference; see what looks good for you, and see how the change goes.

If you feel like your issues with your short game go beyond your putter grip, be sure to check out our Putting Tips guide to help shave a few strokes off your rounds!

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