Best Straw Golf Hats | Complete Guide

The average round of golf takes between 3 and 5 hours. That’s a lot of time spent out in the sun! If you play regularly, you might find that the effects of UV start to take their toll; combine that with some humidity in a warm climate, and the standard golf hat doesn’t cut it. The good news is that this won’t keep you from playing, provided you’ve got adequate protection. A great solution is a wide brim straw golf hat! Today, we will take a look at some of the best straw golf hats on the market this year and give you some advice to help you choose and stay cool while you’re out playing. Check out our full buyers guide below!

Short on Time? Here’s The Best Straw Golf Hat:

For the money, I think that the Panama Jack Mesh Crown Safari Sun Hat is really great.

I love that you can secure it with the included chin drawstring. It is also a really clever design. The brim is a perfect size and is made of denser material than the rest of the hat. The headband section is made of a light weave, and the crown is dense, giving the ideal blend of sun protection and cooling all at the same time.

Buyers Guide | What to Look for in the Best Straw Golf Hats


If you look at straw golf hats for sun protection, you will undoubtedly be wearing them a lot. For that reason, you are going to need something really durable.

However, you might be tempted to pick something cheap. After all, a hat is a hat, right?

Not quite.

Cheaper hats tend not to last as long. You will do far better to choose a good quality hat that will last a while. A high quality straw golf hat will last several seasons or longer, so a few extra bucks does go a long way here!


The material you choose is also vitally important. If it’s hot when you are wearing your hat, you will find that it tends to soak up sweat. This can cause the hat to degrade over time. Certain materials can be damaged with prolonged exposure to the sun, so you’ll also need to consider this.

You will often find that the best straw golf hats are not always actually made out of straw, even though they look like they are. That’s actually a good thing, as man-made materials tend to be much more durable and long-lasting.


A good golf hat isn’t just a fashion accessory. It’s functional too. You will want it to keep the sun off for sure. Choosing the right weave is important. If it is too tight, the hat won’t be breathable, and you’ll end up feeling really hot.


Pick a weave that is too ‘loose’, and you’ll find that those pesky rays can still get through.

Some hats feature variable weaves that give both protection and ventilation at the same time.


It’s no good you investing in the best straw golf hat only to have an itchy head all the way around the course!

Comfort is a key feature that you really need to look for. Some things will help when it comes to comfort. Many wide brim golf hats will have a headband on the inside of the hat that will help to wick moisture away from your skin and keep you feeling comfortable for an entire round of golf.


The Brim

Brim size in a golf hat needs careful consideration. You are going to need something wide enough to block out the sun but not too wide as to cause distraction while you’re playing. Don’t forget that your neck and shoulders are going to be moving during your swing. A hat with a really wide brim may actually impede this movement.


Golf hat styles are very much down to personal preference. Get it right, and you’ll be the coolest guy on the course. However, go to the extreme, and you’ll be making a major fashion faux pas! Have a quick check of Rory Sabbatini’s hat… The older golfers amongst you might remember Jesper Parnevik. His upturned peak was the stuff of legends… For the wrong reasons.


Size is hugely important when choosing golf sun hats. If it is too tight, you are going to get a lot of chafing and rubbing. Furthermore, it could start to give you a headache with prolonged use.

If you go too large, then it is also going to be really annoying. A hat that sits on top of your ears could cause distraction. If it moves during your swing, then it will affect your game too! And if you are playing in windy conditions, forget it! You’ll spend more time chasing your golf hat around the course than actually playing golf!

Head shapes and sizes are all different, as are hats… So how do you find the perfect pairing?

Easy, check out my handy size guide below

How to Measure Your Head for A Golf Hat

It is actually really easy to measure your head for hat sizing. But you need to know a few key tips to make sure that you get it right.

It’s important to note that while you might believe you are a ‘medium’, you can’t just check your previous hats, as different manufacturers have different ideas about sizes.

Measuring yourself is the answer and takes less than a minute.

Here’s our handy guide to help you get fitted with the correct size of golf hat.

You will need: –

  • A tape measure or…
  • A piece of string and a ruler
  • Take the length of the tape measure and place it on the back of your head, forming a loop that meets at the front. Hold the end in one of your hands.
  • Bring your hands forward and ensure that the tape or string is about one inch above your ears. The tape measure needs to rest slightly over your eyebrows, but it shouldn’t touch them.
  • Pinch the tape where it meets the end at the front of your head, and make a careful note of the measurement in inches.
  • Use this measure against the size chart provided by the golf hat manufacturer.

Here are a few more tips to make sure your full brimmed golf hat fits perfectly.

  • If you don’t land exactly on a number, round up to the nearest 1/8th of an inch.
  • If you find that your measurement puts you between sizes, make sure to go for the bigger of the two. The smaller size simply won’t fit.
  • If your brand new straw golf hat feels a little tight, don’t panic. This is normal. As it warms, flexes, and gets a little older, it will loosen slightly.
  • You can speed up the bedding-in process by wearing your hat off the course.

The Best Straw Golf Hats Reviewed

Now that you know all about choosing the best straw golf hat, I will give you a few suggestions. These are all great choices, and represent the best options on the market this year.

Columbia Unisex PFG Bonehead Straw

If you are looking for sun protection, this could be a really great choice of straw golf hat.

The weave on this hat is pretty uniform and dense. This is great because it gives you UPF 50 sun protection.

While this is called a ‘straw’ hat, in truth, it is made from a mix of paper and polyester materials, making it pretty durable. One great feature I really like is that it can be rolled up to easily fit into the side pocket of your golf bag. It’ll bounce right back to shape as soon as it is unpacked.

Although it has a tight weave, it is also still pretty breathable. You should be able to manage a round of golf wearing this without overheating.

The brim is just the right size too. At 3″ wide, it offers the optimum protection for your face without getting in the way.

  • Multiple styles of band are available
  • Travels really well
  • Lightweight and comfortable

Top of the World Golf Straw 1Fit Hat

If you are looking for the best budget straw hat for golf, this is a really worthy option. It is constructed entirely of durable polyester, meaning that it won’t degrade or perish with repeated use.

When it comes to breathability, this is a great golf hat to go for. The weave isn’t especially dense, which means that you will get plenty of airflow as a result.

The band won’t be to everyone’s taste. The different styles all come with a university logo, great if you’re young and fresh, not so much if you are a little longer in the tooth.

  • Really affordable
  • Breathable
  • Different band styles to suit your outfit.

Henschel Hats Aussie Breezer 5310 Cotton Mesh Hat

We always try and buy American made where we can. While the name says ‘Aussie’, this refers to the style, not the place of manufacture. This 100% cotton hot will keep the sun off while also allowing your head to keep cool.

One thing that we really love is that this hat features a removable sweat liner. This means that you can take out and clean the part that will get the most grime.

Perhaps the coolest thing about this straw golf hat is that it is available in a wide range of colors. You can be all discrete with traditional khaki or straw… But why not stand out with something that is luminous yellow?

  • Wide range of colors available
  • Super cool
  • Chin chord for extra security

Stetson Gambler Straw Cowboy Wheat Hat

If you are looking for authenticity, then you are in the right place.

Stetson is a brand synonymous with wide-brimmed hats. This is the original and best straw golf hat on the market.

What makes it so great?

First off, it is genuine straw. Sawgrass, to be precise. It gives superb sun protection, but the weave is just right for allowing a little airflow too!

I really like the genuine leather headband too. It gives the hat a really classy look!

It is a great fit. While there are only two sizes available, the stretchy inner headband ensures that it is just the right level of snug.

Get it, you won’t regret it!

  • A classic hat from one of the best hat brands in the world
  • Superb fit
  • Stylish leather headband.

Natural Matte Toyo Safari Sun Hat with Black Band

If you find Stetson-style golf hats to be a little too large, then a Panama hat could be the answer. This golf hat is fairly classic looking. The white hat, with a black headband, gives a nice stylish contrast.

The weave is fairly dense, meaning you’ve got great sun protection. Breathability isn’t an issue either. Each side of the hat features ventilation holes, so your head doesn’t cook as you are stood waiting to tee off!

  • Classic Panama look
  • Good ventilation
  • Good value

Palmero The Original Golf Gambler Moreno Palm Straw Sun Hat

If you are looking for something slightly different, then this hat fits the bill. Described as ‘Mexican cowboy’ style, you will not see others on the course out in this.

The standout feature of this hat is the wide brim. It works really well to keep the sun off your face. We also like that it is made from genuine straw. This is coated with a plastic substance to give the hat increased durability and makes it water-resistant.

The interior of the hat comes with a stretchy headband, keeping it secure in windy conditions.

Each side of the hat features a pair of sizeable ventilation holes, so if the weather is hot, your head won’t be!

  • Great ventilation
  • Alternative style of straw golf hat
  • Authentic straw

Panama Jack Mesh Crown Safari Sun Hat

This hat is super clever.

Here’s why.

The brim, which protects your face from the sun, is a really dense and tight weave. The crown (that’s the part that sits on your head) is made of a lighter, looser mesh. As a result, you get both excellent UV protection and outstanding lightweight wearability.

I also really like the drawstring. If you are playing in windy conditions, this keeps the hat exactly where it needs to be… On your head.

One other great feature is that it is available in a range of colors, giving you plenty of options when it comes to pairing it with your outfit!

  • Clever design
  • Cool and lightweight
  • Super secure fit


Here are some questions I get asked all the time about the best straw golf hats.

Can you Wear a Straw Hat While Playing Golf?

Of course, you can! In fact, it is a really good idea. Straw hats are cool, lightweight, and do a really good job of protecting both your face and the back of your neck from strong sunlight. If you choose a good one, you’ll find that you can easily roll or fold them if the sun is playing ball.

Stick to the advice given in my buying guide above, and you’ll find one that is perfect for playing golf.

What are the Best Golf Hats?

If you are talking brands, there are almost too many to choose from! Some could argue that the best hats for golf are the wide brimmed straw variety when talking styles. Baseball caps are decent, but they only protect the front of your face. While you might think that you can simply flip it backward, you might find that some courses have rules prohibiting this. A straw golf hat is the best way to protect your neck while still maintaining the etiquette required on the course.

Are Straw Golf Hats Really Made of Straw?

The true answer here is… It depends. In my list above, you’ll see a variety of different materials. Some manufacturers use plastics, which they then form into ‘straw’ before weaving the hat. Classic companies like Stetson use 100% real straw in the manufacture of their golf hats. Some golf hat makers go for a blend. They use a real straw but supplement its durability by spraying it with synthetic man-made fibers.


Full brim golf hats give the best of all worlds. They look really cool and keep you protected from the sun. Pick one that is the right size, with decent ventilation, and you can’t really go wrong. My advice is to find out your size before you buy and then go from there.

What do you look for in the best straw golf hats? Or do you prefer a baseball cap? Let me know in the comments!

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