Best Women’s Golf Bags of 2021

Woman on Tee with Golf Bag

When thinking about your golf game and all the equipment needed for a round of golf, the golf bag may be one of the more under-appreciated items in your arsenal. A golf bag is essential to safely store all of your golf clubs, but has a bigger impact on your overall golf experience than you may realize. 

In addition to storing your golf clubs, a golf bag can determine whether you walk a round or ride in a cart, if you are able to walk with it long or short distances, and it can also determine just how much you bring with you on the course!

The first thing to keep in mind is that there are a few different types of golf bags – stand bags, cart bags, tour bags, and the highly compact pencil bags. Determining which type of bag best suits your needs is an important part of selecting the best golf bag choice for your game. In this article, we will discuss the characteristics of each type of golf bag, a purchasing guide and what to consider when looking at new golf bags, and last but not least, our top picks for best women’s golf bags in 2021. Let’s get started!

Types of Golf Bags 

When I first got my starter golf club set, it came with a stand bag which I didn’t appreciate since it was my very first golf bag. Then, when I upgraded to a higher quality starter set, it came with a cart bag. That is when I realized just how HUGE of a difference there is between stand bags and cart bags. I love to walk with my bag and usually have a far walk to the range from the car etc. For me, a stand bag is a little more practical, but for others who always use a golf cart – a cart bag may be the best fit! Before you purchase a bag, you should have an idea of how you’ll be using it – do you like to walk courses, use a push cart, or are you always in a golf cart? This will help you determine what type of women’s golf bag you should seek out.

A stand bag typically features two legs that pop out from the back of the golf bag to prop the golf bag up and keep it balanced. Here is an example of a stand bag for reference:

A cart bag is exactly what you think it is – made for a golf cart! This type of bag does not come with the legs that prop it up. It can stand there by itself but sometimes wind can blow it down and it is usually not that convenient when walking long distances. You would not want to walk a round of golf with this type of bag. 

A tour bag is mostly used by professional golfers and these are the bulkiest/biggest type of golf bag. They are pretty enormous but can store so much in all of the pockets and compartments. If you are a really serious golfer this may be a good option for you, but for the everyday golfer, we’d recommend staying away from these for the most part!

Lastly, the sleek pencil bag (also commonly known as a Sunday Bag) is another type of golf bag and has picked up popularity again in recent years. This style is super sleek and lightweight. Many pencil bags do come with a stand which is nice but these bags do not have as much storage or pockets as the other options. These golf bags are made to carry just your essential clubs, and not much more.

Other Considerations to Keep in Mind


One of the biggest factors to consider when purchasing a new golf bag is the weight. If you plan on walking with your bag or using a push cart, it would be beneficial to you to invest in a lightweight golf bag. Carrying 14 clubs can be heavy on its own but adding all the material and fabric of a large golf bag can really add to the LBs! There are many lightweight options available and we have a few of our favorites outlined below.


Depending on what you like to have on hand during a round of golf, you may need a bag with lots of pockets and compartments, or decide that is something you can sacrifice in order to cut down on the weight and size of the bag. If you are a golfer who loves to have plenty of golf balls, tees, a pullover, sunscreen etc all in your bag for the “just in case” moments, a pencil bag isn’t going to cut it.


Of course, like all purchases we make, price is going to be a big factor! Golf bags can be a bit more than you may expect but it is definitely worth the investment. They are typically very durable and can last season after season of use. If you invest in a great bag, it can make a world of difference. 

Now that we’ve touched base on the types of golf bags that are available on the market and some factors that you should consider when buying, let’s take a look at our top picks for Best Women’s Golf Bags of 2021! We’ve broken it down by golf bag type (stand, cart, best for push carts, best lightweight, etc).

Best Stand Bags for Women

Ping 2020 Hoofer Lite Stand Bag 

The 2021 Ping Hoofer Lite is a great option to consider when looking at a new golf bag. Weighing in at 5 pounds when empty, this is a great lightweight option which is perfect for carrying around or using on a push cart. The Ping Hoofer is not a new bag to the market, and has consistently been one of the best selling bags for women over the last few years.

The Ping Hoofer features 7 pockets including an apparel pocket which has a full length zipper – you can fit pullovers, an extra outfit, or even shoes in this large pocket which is super convenient! In addition to the leg stand that props this bag up, there are sturdy handles at the top of the bag and a strap on the outside of the bag which can be helpful in lifting the bag and strapping it in the golf cart. There are also two shoulder straps to conveniently carry the bag on the course so you stay comfortable. 

Overall, this is a phenomenal women’s golf bag- the only downfall we could find is that there are 4 compartments for your clubs, not 14. But if that doesn’t bother you, there’s really no flaws we could find to this women’s golf bag!

Nike Golf Sport Lite Carry Stand Bag

Another great option to consider when looking at stand bags is the Nike Golf Sport Lite Carry Stand Bag! We love the sleek, clean look of this bag combined with the functionality you need in a stand bag.

We have to say, this bag is pretty impressive with all of its bells and whistles that are included in such a lightweight bag (weighing just under 4 pounds when empty!). The legs are made from aluminum so they are lightweight yet extremely sturdy. There are also two cushioned shoulder straps on the bag making this a perfect option for anyone who likes to carry during their round.

In addition to the comfort of carrying the bag if you so choose, there are also multiple water proof, fleece lined pockets featured throughout the bag and an exterior water bottle pocket as well! If you’re looking for a compact golf bag at a decent price, we think this is one of the best on the market this year!

TaylorMade FlexTech Lite Stand Bag

TaylorMade Flextech Lite Stand Bag

The TaylorMade Flextech Lite Stand Bag is another top notch option for stand bags, and this may be our favorite one on the list! It is yet again ultra lightweight and convenient. Weighing in at 4 pounds when empty, it trumps many other options (many golf bags weigh around 7-8 pounds when empty!). The bag is built with durable materials – even though it is lightweight, it isn’t made cheaply. 

This particular bag is available in numerous different color schemes which sets it apart from the others mentioned. There are 7 pockets on the bag, including an oversized water bottle sleeve. One thing we noticed about this bag is that there is a cushioned hip pad, for extra comfort when carrying on one shoulder. TaylorMade is well known for their exceptional quality, and that comes across well on this Flextech bag. This is a great bag for any serious woman golfer out there.

Best Cart Bags 

Now that we’ve covered our favorite stand bags, it’s time to move onto our favorite cart bags! The main difference between cart bags and stand bags, is that cart bags do not have legs that prop them up. It can stand on its own but can fall down much easier than a stand bag; these are meant to go from storage to cart, and are highly impractical to carry around the golf course.

Cart bags can be great if you are always riding in a golf cart during your rounds of golf. If you never walk a course (without a push cart) you may be happy with a cart bag! Cart bags typically hold more than standard stand bags and they are usually slightly larger. 

Glove It Women’s Golf Bag

The Glove It Women’s Cart Bag is a great option to consider when looking for a new cart bag. One thing that really stands out about this bag is the amount of colors and patterns available – there are at least 25 patterns and colors! These are definitely the most bright and feminine bags on the market in our opinion. 

Not only are these bags bright and colorful, they are extremely functional. This is one of the very few bags that offers 15 individual full length dividers for your clubs, making it stand out from the rest. There is also an integrated oversized putter well so that if you have an oversized putter, no problem! 

It is lightweight at around 5 pounds when empty and has top handles and a cushioned shoulder strap to carry from the car to the cart. There are 8 easy access pockets to store plenty of your golf accessories and extra apparel/shoes etc. In addition to all this, there is also an umbrella sleeve and a rain hood cover. We love the style of this golf bag, and the mid range price point makes this a great value option!

Sun Mountain Women’s Diva Cart Bag

Next up on our list for Best Women’s Golf Bags is the Sun Mountain Women’s Diva Cart Bag. Sun Mountain is well known for making some of the best golf bags on the market for both women and men. Their Diva Cart bag has all of the features that we love – it has lots of storage, and is super functional. 

This is another option that features the 15 individual slots for your clubs with a separate putter well to help you keep your clubs well organized. This bag features 10 additional pockets so you will certainly have enough room for anything you may need on the course! Within the 10 pockets, there is a full-length apparel pocket, a ventilated beverage pocket, and a range finder pocket! 

This bag is lightweight but slightly heavier than other options we’ve mentioned – weighing in at just a little over 6 pounds. It is made from durable materials and is a sturdy bag – this bag will last plenty of seasons out on the course before it wears out. There is also a matching rain hood included which will come in handy for winter storage or a rainy golf day.

Titleist Cart 15 Women’s Bag

The Titleist Cart 15 Women’s Bag is a staple in the cart bag world and for good reason – powerhouse brand name, crafted with durable and solid materials, and great functionality. This bag is a tad pricier than some of the others listed but with Titleist, you know you get what you pay for – and this brand is timeless in the golf world. Available in several appealing colors, this is a great looking bag and is just as functional as it is attractive. 

With 15 individual club dividers, 11 zippered pockets, 2 velour lined valuables pockets, one hard shell for extra protection, and a removable ball pocket, this bag has all the bells and whistles. Unfortunately, there isn’t a padded shoulder strap but it does feature convenient handles on the back and at the top of the bag. 

If you aren’t planning on walking far with your bag, this is a great overall option and definitely worth the price tag! 

Best Pencil Golf Bags/Light Carry Bags

If you are ambitious and like to walk the course to burn some extra calories while you play a round, a pencil bag may be the best option for you. These are the lightest of all golf bags, and the most sleek & slender. These are made specifically for walking the course – they don’t have tons of pockets or space and they won’t fit all 14 clubs (usually they’ll fit 7-8). These have gained a lot of popularity over the last few years because they are so easy – they fit in any car, they are super lightweight and they make walking the course a breeze. 

Here are the top choices we think you should consider if looking into pencil golf bags:

Orlimar Pitch and Putt Lightweight Stand/Carry Golf Bag

This Orlimar Pitch and Putt Bag is one of the best priced options on the market. We also like the fact that it has legs to make it into a stand bag as well as a carry bag. This is a super lightweight bag, weighing in at just over 1.5 pounds! Can you imagine? That’s like deli meat weight.

This bag will comfortably fit around 6-7 clubs and has a pocket to hold some extra golf balls, tees, etc. It has just the amount of space to be convenient for necessities but let’s face it – you won’t have room to store a pullover or extra layer. This bag is available in several different colors and there are over 4,000 reviews! If you are looking for an affordable option for a carry/pencil golf bag – this is a solid choice. 

Sunday Golf Loma Stand/Carry Bag

Sunday Golf Loma Carry Bag

This Sunday Golf carry bag is another great option – it also has legs that prop it upright and offers a bit more storage than other choices. There is a 2 way divider on top that comfortably fits about 6 clubs. One thing that stands out about this particular bag is the pockets. Most pencil bags have very limited pockets but this has 5 pockets including an insulated drink pocket! It has a net pocket for easy access to balls and tees, and features a tee holder. The shoulder strap is comfortably cushioned to make a 9 or 18 hole round a walk in the park. 

This option is slightly more pricey for the size of the bag, but it is made by Sunday Golf – a reputable name in the industry, and has much more bells and whistles than some other pencil bags. We love the Sea Foam Green option in this bag, but there are other great colors too!

Definitely one to check out if you are looking for a reliable, comfortable and practical carry/pencil bag. 

Titleist Golf Carry Bag

Another pencil/carry bag to consider is the Titleist Golf Carry Bag. This is a no-frills carry bag that has just what you need and gets the job done. What’s best about this bag is the two shoulder strap system for ultra comfort. Many of the other carry bags have one shoulder strap which is certainly doable if the bag is lightweight, but two shoulder straps is even easier. 

This bag has a divider bar on top, making two compartments for your clubs and can fit about 6 clubs. The weight is 2.1 pounds but with the backpack straps, this is no problem at all once the bag is filled. There are 3 pockets including a full length apparel pocket which is a nice touch as well. Available in several colors, this would appeal to both men and women of all ages and skill levels. 

Final Thoughts

Well, there we have it – our favorites for best women’s golf bags for 2021. We covered our favorite stand bags, cart bags, carry bags, and discussed what to consider when purchasing a new bag. Happy Shopping and good luck with your new golf bag this season!

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