Bridgestone E6 review 2020

bridgestone e6 golf ball

Bridgestone e6 golf balls have been used by amateur golfers for the better part of 15 years thanks to its soft feel and low compression that Bridgestone has consistently delivered. The e6 lineup has been one of the most successful golf balls they’ve ever made.

The e6 is a great ball of a mid to high handicapper to play, not to mention the fact that it’s very well priced, so if you lose one it’s nothing like losing a Pro V1. The e6 is well balanced off the tee and around the green, making it a worthy ball for most players. We’ve looked at a detailed breakdown of how this ball performs on the golf course; check out our full review below!

Features at a Glance

Construction2 Piece
Key Performance TraitsSoft Feel, Long Distance
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The Bridgestone e6 series has always been one of Bridgestone’s lowest spinning balls, which translates into longer and straighter shots off the tee. The e6 golf ball is made to reduce side spin on mishits which does help reduce the severity of slices and hooks. The fact that there is less spin on longer shots does make the ball slightly less workable and less suitable for low handicappers; if you’re looking for pure distance and straighter shots this is a good option.


The e6 is made with a 330 seamless dimple design and has the following specs: 

  • Surlyn cover: Created by DuPont, Surlyn is an ionomer resin cover found on nearly non-Tour golf balls since the 1960s. Its popularity stems from its durability and energy efficiency transfer for distance optimization. Surlyn is also resistant to the scuffs and scratches that come along with everyday use. This makes it ideal for amateurs, unlike urethane covers that are softer and thereby suitable for professional golfers.
  • Advanced Dual Dimple Technology: It’s designed to give players two advantages. For starters, the interior dimple lowers drag in flight and at impact, thereby facilitating increased distance and velocity. Secondly, the outer dimple shallows out the angle of the ball’s descent, which translates to greater distance and rollout.
  • Anti-side spin inner layer: It prevents excess spin to provide longer and straighter flight.
  • Gradational soft compression core: Found in all E6 series balls, this soft core allows players with lower swing speeds to compress the golf ball, getting maximum distance from each shot. The soft compression core also optimizes feel, providing exceptional feedback on your short game.


Off the driver is really where the e6 shines, as the low side spin helps keep drives straight. The ball is easy to compress and achieve maximum distance, and the low spin also helps the ball roll out once it lands. Even though this ball is pretty low compression, it doesn’t feel too soft or mushy off the face of the club. The Bridgestone e6 seems to launch off the face of the driver with a penetrating ball flight; I’m pretty impressed with the distance I get when I use the e6 compared to other balls of similar quality.

Short game

If there’s one area this ball is weakest with, it is the short game performance. The lack of spin from this ball does make it slightly harder to hold greens on approach shots, however the spin is only about 10% less than a tour ball. The spin rates are by no means terrible, but it does make a difference. For mid and high handicappers, this isn’t a huge factor. Overall, the greenside performance is solid. Unless you’re an elite player, you won’t be missing out on much in your short game.


The Bridgestone e6 feels relatively soft off the face of the putter, and players will feel some feedback on their putts with a fairly soft thud or somewhat muted sound. I found the e6 to roll slightly less than other balls I normally play with, which left me consistently short on putts. Some more time getting used to the performance on the green is recommended.


Overall the e6 is a pretty durable golf ball, thanks to the Tri-onomer Surlyn cover. These balls aren’t the most durable golf balls you’ll find on the market, but for the price they actually hold up pretty well. I wouldn’t recommend these golf balls if durability is your absolute main criteria.

Bridgestone e6 FAQ

What Kind Of Golfers Are The E6 Golf Balls Aimed At?

The Bridgestone e6 series is dubbed as a golf ball for game improvement. This makes them ideal for players that are categorized as middle to high handicappers that seek more than fundamental greenside control. So, if you fall in this category, then keeping the ball in the fairway coupled with less sidespin is essential.

According to Bridgestone, most amateur players make the mistake of selecting high spin balls then encounter challenges in controlling the outcomes. Low spin balls offer straighter shots that remain in the fairway. Naturally, straighter shots will also cover longer distances. This ball is made for mid to high handicappers who want to lower their scores.

What is the difference between the Bridgestone e6 and the e6 Speed?

The main difference between the e6 Soft and the e6 Speed is at the core of the ball. The e6 Soft has a larger core than it’s counterpart e6 Speed, which translates to a softer golf ball. The e6 Speed golf ball is designed for golfers that generate higher swing speeds. The e6 Speed feels a little firmer at impact. If you have a faster swing speed, the e6 Speed will be a better fit.

How does the Bridgestone e6 compare to the e12?

The e12 is the newer version of the Bridgestone e6; the e12 was made after a long bout of success with the e6, and features some updated technology that is meant to improve upon the success of the e6. The biggest difference between the 2 is that the e12 features a mantle layer between the ball’s core and it’s cover. This mantle layer is a newer more innovative piece of technology that improves distance without sacrificing on feel.

Bridgestone e6 Alternative:

Bridgestone e12

The Bridgestone e12 is a more advanced, better performing version of the Bridgestone e6. That said, the improvements are reflected in the price. This is still a lower compression golf ball, but it’ll run you about $5 more per dozen. The e12 delivers more distance to the average golfer, with a soft and reliable feel.

Final Thoughts

The Bridgestone e6 has been a best seller for the last 15 years, and for good reason. The e6 is affordable for the average golfer, and delivers solid game improving performance. If you struggle with a slice and want to hit longer straighter shots, this is definitely a good option for you. The e6 soft is better for slower swing speeds, while those who swing faster will prefer the e6 Speed.

Thanks for reading our Bridgestone e6 review! If you enjoyed this article make sure you check out more of our reviews, like our guide to the best hybrids this year!

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