Callaway Mavrik Driver Review for 2024

Jon Rahm hitting Callaway Mavrik Driver

The Callaway Mavrik Driver was released in January 2020. Since its release, this club has been one of the best sellers of all time for Callaway, but it is finally starting to drop in price. I recently tested the Callaway Mavrik to see if it could fit my game well. 

Prior to this test I had only swung the Mavrik driver a handful of times, and was always impressed with the consistency I was able to produce with it. At about half the price of the new Callaway Paradym release, it’s at least worth looking into what this club has to offer. 

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Callaway Mavrik Driver Overview

Callaway Mavrik Driver 10.5 Degrees
  • Callaway's 2020 driver, which was named to be one of the best of the year
  • Features Flash Face and Jailbreak technologies to product excellent ball speed and forgiveness
  • Adjustable loft by 2 degrees
  • Excellent value buy for some pretty new technology
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The Callaway Mavrik driver is a large 460cc clubhead driver that features the Cyclone Aero design. The concept behind the Callaway Mavrik was to give golfers tremendous distance without sacrificing consistency and feel. 

As you probably guessed, the Callaway Jailbreak Technology was included in the club head. Players also benefit from a carbon fiber crown that helps lower the center of gravity. The Mavrik is best for mid to low handicappers as it is a relatively square face and does have a bit of workability built in.

I like the Mavrik driver and had a good experience with it on the course. One thing that I do want to mention is that the clubhead sits very open at address. It takes a little time to get used to this if you’re used to a more neutral looking clubface at setup. 

Once I adjusted my visuals a bit, I learned to have a ton of confidence in this club. In testing I found that controlling ball flight, especially high and low shots, was really easy with the Mavrik in hand.  

Callaway Mavrik Driver Key Features and Technology 

Interestingly, some of the premium features in the Callaway Mavrik driver are also in the latest release from Callaway, like the Rogue and even the Paradym. 

Flash Face Architecture

Callaway Mavrik Driver Flash Face Technology

Flash Face technology increases the ball speed that players can produce at impact. Flash face also helps to improve overall consistency and forgiveness, where players miss the ball most. If you happen to hit the ball on the heel or the toe of the club, you will get more forgiveness with the Flash Face design Callaway deploys here. 

Cyclone Aero Design 

The Cyclone Aero design makes the Callaway Mavrik sound fancy, but this just means that the clubhead moves through the air quite a bit easier. Most of the driver heads that Callaway makes have impressive aerodynamics, but the look and the shape of Callaway Mavrik is impressive. 

Adjustable OptiFit Hosel 

An adjustable driver is the way to go. With the Callaway OptiFit hosel, you will be able to fine-tune both the loft and the lie angle of the club. The loft can be adjusted two degrees. Make sure you purchase a driver loft that lets you get to the preferred loft you need for your game. 

For those that need more forgiveness go with the 10.5; the golfers looking for control and precision can go with the 9.5. 


Callaway Mavrik Driver Crown View

The Callaway Mavrik driver has a great overall design, and frankly is my favorite looking club from the 2020 releases. It has a sharp and stunning look on the sole and crown.

It also looks awesome from the top down. The top of the crown is made of carbon material and has a dark black design. I noticed no glare from the top of the club head, and it looks a bit flatter than previous drivers from Callaway. 

A flatter, top-down look does not bother me. In fact, I think it can sometimes increase confidence for straight drives. 


The first thing I look for in driver performance is distance. I can’t help but want to hit the ball far off the tee, and I doubt you feel much different. 

The driver I tested had the Project X Even Flow Riptide Graphite shaft. The combination of this premium shaft and the Jailbreak technology gave me all the distance I could ask for in a driver. 

In addition, I think the FS2S Titanium Face feels hotter than previous Callaway drivers. I noticed that ball speeds were high, especially the initial ball speed. I was pleasantly surprised at just how far I could hit the ball with the Mavrik, even in comparison to today’s top drivers.  


At first, I found the Callaway Mavrik to lack forgiveness. As I mentioned, I noticed it set up a little open, and I felt myself compensating to try and hit the ball straight. Once I learned to let the Mavrik sit open and take my traditional swing, I had no trouble hitting shots where I wanted them. 

Overall I’m not going to say that it’s the most forgiving of all drivers on the market, but it’s not supposed to be. 

You will have no trouble keeping this in the fairway if you’re a decent ball striker.

Sound and Feel

The sound and feel of the Callaway Mavrik driver are great. One of the most important technologies you will find here is the Jailbreak. Jailbreak Technology is like having tiny trampolines built into the club head to help improve stability and ball speed. 

However, in addition to improving stability, it makes them feel that much better. When you hit a perfect driver with the Callaway Mavrik, the golf club lets you know. 

Even when I hit one on the toe or the heel, I still noticed minimal twisting in the clubhead, something I look for in a premium quality golf driver. 

Final Thoughts on the Callaway Mavrik Driver

After playing with the Callaway Mavrik driver for several weeks, I can tell you that the clubhead has a ton of great technology and has comparable distance and forgiveness to the newer models from Callaway. 

Although you may see a few extra yards or a bit of extra consistency in a 2024 driver compared to the Mavrik, for most average golfers, this will not make too much of a difference. If you have not updated your diver in 5-7 years and you want something that will help you get the ball down the center more frequently, I would give the Mavrik a try. 

Check the price of the Callaway Mavrik Driver on Amazon here.

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