Odyssey Stroke Lab Putter Review (2024)

Odyssey Stroke Lab Putter Laying Down

I’ve always found that when I’m looking for a new putter, Odyssey is a good place to start. With so many different models to choose from and various upgrades and features, I find that the brand usually has something that can work for my game. 

This time I tested the Odyssey Stroke Lab Seven putter. Before investing in Stroke Lab Seven, look at what I found when using the Odyssey on the course. Without spoiling too much of the surprise, the impressive Odyssey Stroke Lab Putter feel is undoubtedly hard to match. 

Here’s our full Odyssey Stroke Lab putter review below.

Odyssey Stroke Lab Putter Overview 

I specifically tested the Odyssey Stroke Lab Seven, but throughout this review, I will discuss what you can expect from the Stroke Lab putters as a whole. They all feature very similar technology and features, and the model is more just about choosing something that matches your stroke. 

Odyssey Stroke Labs Putter Bottom View

The Odyssey Stroke Lab Seven is a modern mallet style putter with the White Hot OG technology and a Stroke Lab Shaft. The putter is designed with forgiveness and feel in mind and can be used by lower handicappers and tour players all the way up to beginners. 

We like this putter best for the player looking for a slightly softer feel on the greens and can also benefit from some help with alignment. 

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Key Features and Technology 

The most impressive feature of any Odyssey White Hot Stroke Lab putter is going to be the insert. Most amateur golfers would not even believe the amount of engineering and technical work that goes into creating a putter insert like this. 

The crazy thing is Odyssey created this original White Hot insert more than 20 years ago, and only recently did they realize that it needed to come back. Sometimes things in golf should not change nearly as quickly as they do! 

Here are some of the features and technology you can expect from the Odyssey Stroke Lab putter. 

White Hot Insert 

Odyssey Stroke Lab White Hot Insert View

The Odyssey Stroke Lab putter has the original White Hot Formulation insert. If you had a putter that you loved 20 years ago, chances are it will feel like these new models, except the weighting and overall consistency will be considerably better. 

With the introduction of the two-part urethane insert, golfers are benefiting from the modern shaft, grip, and weighting technology with an insert that we know is Tour Proven. The combo is impressive. 

Stroke Lab Shaft 

Golf has been around for a long time, and all of that time, golfers pretty much always put a steel shaft in their golf putter. Just a few years ago, Odyssey decided they would do a deep dive into putter shaft technology. 

It’s a good thing they did. 

Odyssey found that by using different materials in the putter shaft, performance could be modified and fine tuned. This seems like something we probably should have figured out sooner, but all that matters is that we now have the Stroke Lab putter shaft. 

Even since the release of the Stroke Lab putter shaft, it has been updated and improved even more. The newest generation has a slightly shorter steel section, which reduces the shaft’s total weight. 

The reduced weight helped to reposition more into the club head and give the putter a slightly more stable design. 

Perhaps the most crucial benefit of the Stroke Lab shaft is the stability and consistency it gives to golfers. When I played with the Odyssey White Hot OG Seven on the course, the Stroke Lab shaft was noticeably different in the performance it offered. 

After just a few holes, I noticed that my confidence in my putting stroke seemed considerably higher. 

Odyssey putters are also available in the non Stroke Lab shaft with an original steel version. The steel putter shaft has a different feel to it and a lower price point. My theory here is that if you invest in a premium Odyssey putter, take advantage of the time and dedication they have put into creating this high-performing Stroke Lab shaft. 

Black or Silver Finish Options

Odyssey Stroke Lab Putter Alignment View

Putters from Odyssey will either have a new black finish or a Silver PVD finish, and this Odyssey Stroke Lab Seven putter features a sleek matte black finish. The finish does not have any glare; it looks premium and made it considerably easier to visualize what I was trying to do on the greens. 

Milled Surface Finish 

In addition to the rich silver PVD finish, there is also fine milling on the surfaces of the Odyssey. The milling is essential for golfers that like premium putters. Essentially quite a bit of care and attention was taken into creating this putter so that it had premium materials and construction throughout. 

Grip Selection 

The standard grip in the Odyssey Stroke Lab putter is a gray DFX Rubber Grip. It’s a pretty standard Odyssey grip with a tacky feel and good control of the fingers. Some players look for something a little larger or oversized to help take the hands out of the stroke a little. 

With the Odyssey Stroke Lab Seven putter, I would have preferred a slightly larger grip. I feel like it would have helped me keep the club head on a more straight path. 


When I tested the Odyssey Stroke Lab putters, it was the Seven that I took out on the course. From a looks perspective, this is the “funkiest” of the group, but also the design that I find the most visually appealing. 

Odyssey Stroke Lab 7 Putter Close up

What I love about the Seven is that it doesn’t look heavy. Some of these modern mallets just have so much material that it’s hard to even decide where to focus- there’s just a lot happening.

Odyssey Stroke Lab Putter Top Down View

With the Seven, I could look straight down at the ball and have the guidelines in place as I took my putt. With the Stroke Lab Seven putter, the alignment line is not incredibly long, but the way the top and the bottom edge of the club are created, it’s almost like an alignment tunnel that you get to use. 

Feel and Sound

The Odyssey White Hot sound is just as good as you can expect. To be honest, I didn’t think the new configuration of the White Hot was all that bad in the last several years. However, when going back to the original White Hot formulation, it does feel like going home. 

The feel is soft but firm enough to let you know you are on the proper line. The overall sound is a mix between a thud, and a click, exactly what you would expect from a putter with an insert. 


One of the biggest things I was looking for in this putter was consistency. I had heard quite a few good things about the Odyssey STroke Lab Putters, but consistency was most important to me. 

One of the areas of my game that needs the most work are those ten-foot putts. If I can make just a few more of those in a round I go from low 40s to high 30s. Big difference.

This is where I felt like the difference between a standard shafted putter and the Odyssey Stroke Lab Putter stood out. Distance control was not a problem on longer putts, but like any other putter, it takes a bit of time to get used to the feel of the insert. 

Overall I preferred the feel and performance of the Odyssey Stroke Lab Putters from inside 20 feet, mostly due to the slightly softer feel and the more lightweight golf shaft. If you are playing on fast greens, don’t worry about the ball coming off the face of the club too harshly, that did not seem to be an issue. 

Different Models 

The different models that Odyssey offers in the Stroke Lab putter include:




Seven S


2 Ball 


Rossie S

Each putter model is between 350 and 355g, and there are varying amounts of offset depending on your chosen model. Loft and lie remain constant at 3 and 70 degrees, respectively. 

The 1 and the 1WS models are both blade style, and the rest will be mallet. The 5 and the Rossie are more of a standard-looking mallet putter, whereas the Seven I tested is a unique style. 

I like the Seven, the best of the bunch, simply because it has players’ look and feel, with plenty of built-in forgiveness and alignment help. The 2 Ball is probably the most user-friendly and something higher handicappers and beginners may enjoy putting in their bag. 

Final Thoughts 

The Odyssey Stroke Lab Putter is an impressive putter release from Callaway, and offers multiple options for a variety of putting styles. The White Hot design proved that it is here to stay. When you combine that with the capabilities of a partial graphite and steel shaft, the end results are quite impressive. 

In addition, I know that price should not be the only indicator when choosing a club, but for the technology it offers, the Odyssey Stroke Lab Seven is one of the better values on the market. Putter technology does not update as fast as driver technology, so keep this club in your bag for years to come. If you want a high end putter at a pretty reasonable price, this is a very good club to put in your bag.

Check the price for the Odyssey Stroke Lab Putter on Amazon here.

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