Ping has a proven track record in offering quality golf clubs to the market and are one of the most trusted names in the game. If you’ve played golf for any length of time, chances are you’ve had a ping club in your bag, between a putter, driver, iron set or wedge! . I’ve always been a fan of their irons and woods, and the Ping G410 irons are some of the best irons they’ve ever produced.

The Ping G410 irons are another very forgiving set of clubs out of Ping, that help the average player get more out of their game. If you want the full run down of what makes these irons exceptional, check out our full Ping G410 iron review below.

Short Version

The G410 irons are ideally suited to players who want reliable performance and plenty of forgiveness. They are easy to launch, and create a penetrating ball flight off the face. If you’re a mid or high handicap player who wants a great set of game improvement irons, these are an excellent pick. Because these are a season or so out of date, you can snag these irons for a really attractive price.

Ping G410 Irons

Ping G410: Performance and Impressions

Overall Performance

The first time I hit the Ping G410 irons, I was absolutely impressed in their performance. The ball seems to just soar off the face of the club with a really high yet penetrating trajectory. Nevermind game improvement clubs, these felt great for any sort of iron on the market.

The hot face is perfect for getting a lot more distance without having to really put your back into the swing. One notable feature that really impressed us is the likelihood you will need to ‘recalibrate’ your ranges and club selection. A new set of irons always takes a couple rounds to calibrate with, but I was shocked at the distance gains I was seeing from these- I hit the ball nearly 15 yards further across the bag from what I normally hit.

With the long irons, I found them to be pretty easy to hit, which is quite the relief. As far as the short irons go, I felt like they were easy to control, and allowed me to hit the ball exactly where I wanted with a really soft landing. Overall, I couldn’t be more impressed with how these performed on the course.


One area where these clubs really stand out is in the looks department. They are futuristic and clean looking without being too much. The matte aluminum finish means that they won’t look tarnished with a little wear and tear. This combined with the full cavity aluminum, and elastomer badge are easy on the eye.

At address, the Ping G410 irons look surprisingly clean from the top line. One area that puts lower handicappers off with game improvement irons is a really thick top line on the club. Fortunately, in this Ping iron set, the top line is pretty neat and offers a relatively low profile. 

Club Sound

Club sound is essential, especially with irons. If you know your clubs, there is a good chance you could tell the difference between a good and a lousy shot based purely on the noise when you strike the ball. Sound is a huge part of feel and feedback, and shouldn’t be overlooked.

The Ping G410 irons’ sound is quite remarkable and is a stark change from the Ping G400’s. When we first hit these irons, we were sure that we were striking it thin. Not so. But that’s what it sounds like. They offer a super crisp and sharp ‘crack’ sound. It certainly isn’t a ‘thump’ like we have heard with some other game improvement irons.

Ping G410 Iron Specs | Technical Features and Benefits

The Ping G410 irons are designed to offer consistency. The focus is primarily on forgiveness, which you should be looking for in a game improvement iron. Let’s take a look at what makes these irons forgiving, and so easy to hit.

Cor Eye Technology

Cor Eye Technology

Ping’s latest clubface technology is their proprietary Cor Eye Technology, but what does it mean for you as a player?

Essentially, the face has been engineered to give a more considerable degree of flex, and ultimately to produce faster ball speeds. This additional flex makes these irons slightly longer than the G400s, helping you achieve more distance from each iron.

In plain terms, what this means is that you may be able to take a shorter club to achieve the same amount of distance as your current iron set.

Top Rail Undercut

The Cor Eye Technology and Top Rail Undercut create a hollow section on the back of the club. This hollowed section helps the face flex even more. The top rail undercut and the Cor Eye technology are designed to work together to get the ball off the face quickly.

Toe/Hosel Weighting

As we’ve already said, Ping’s aim with the G410 Irons is to ensure forgiveness. Ping have lowered the CG of these irons by placing a tungsten weight in the toe. This, combined with an internal weight in the hosel, allow the face to remain thinner and faster.  These weights help create a naturally higher trajectory and make it easier to get the ball in the air.

By having the weight placed at the clubface’s extremities, you should find that the club maintains stability, even with off-centered hits. A more stabilized clubface ultimately results in straighter mishits.

The Ping G410 Blade

Ping has changed things a little with the G410 irons compared to the G400. One major downside of game improvement irons is the offset used to encourage a higher trajectory. It can often discourage lower handicap players entirely.

In this case, Ping has made two rather notable changes. First, they have reduced the offset by 10%. As a result, when presented behind the ball, this club looks like more of a players iron. You should still get the confidence that any ‘regular’ game improvement iron offers, but it looks much more ‘refined’ and more similar to a players iron profile.

The blade length of the club has also been shortened on the G410s. Again, this has the effect of making the ball appear a little bigger, giving you confidence. It just looks hittable.

Loft Strength

Flex Face

What do we mean by this? Well, the Ping G410 irons are very strong on loft. What this means is that they have made the loft lower for each given club number. For you as a player, you can expect an increase in distance for a given club. With the G410s, I can actually club down and get the same distance as my previous set of irons.

In general, game improvement irons like these tend to be strong lofted. This encourages you to hit further with your shorter irons, and in turn hopefully regulate a green or two more, thanks to these Ping irons.

Power Spec Lofts

You might very well be a player who wants more distance, or perhaps your swing offers a naturally high launch angle. If either of these is the case, then Ping has catered for this too. With the Ping G410 irons, you can choose the ‘Power Spec’ option.

This loft setting offers even more strength in the loft. Looking at your standard 7-iron in the Ping G410 specs, you are offered a loft of 30.0°. When held side by side with the Power Spec option, you will see that the same club has a loft of 28.5°. This might not sound like a lot of difference, but it does make a difference both to the trajectory and the distance you can hit.


Game improvement irons are all about producing consistency, confidence, and forgiveness. A thick sole goes a long way into helping the club sit right, giving you confidence over the ball. Thicker soles can help discourage ‘duffed’ thick shots too.

The Ping G410 irons are no exception. The sole is really wide on this set of irons, offering a nice lie and plenty of confidence. That said, when you stand over these irons the sole doesn’t look colossal.

Ping G410 Iron Specs

We could talk you through it, but we’d prefer to show you straight from the manufacturer. Here is what you are dealing with for the G410 iron specs:

4-iron38 7/8″7/820.5°degrees19.0°degreesn/a60.5°degrees0.27″Ping.Clubs.Specs.Offset.Units5.0°degreesD0
5-iron38 1/4″1/423.5°degrees22.0°degreesn/a61.0°degrees0.24″Ping.Clubs.Specs.Offset.Units6.0°degreesD0
6-iron37 5/8″5/826.5°degrees25.0°degreesn/a61.5°degrees0.21″Ping.Clubs.Specs.Offset.Units7.0°degreesD0
8-iron36 1/2″1/234.5°degrees32.5°degreesn/a62.8°degrees0.15″Ping.Clubs.Specs.Offset.Units9.0°degreesD0
PW35 1/2″1/244.5°degrees42.5°degreesn/a64.1°degrees0.11″Ping.Clubs.Specs.Offset.Units12.0°degreesD2
UW35 1/2″1/249.5°degrees47.5°degreesn/a64.1°degrees0.11″Ping.Clubs.Specs.Offset.Units12.0°degreesD2
SW35 1/4″1/454.0°degrees52.5°degreesn/a64.4°degrees0.09″Ping.Clubs.Specs.Offset.Units13.0°degreesD3

Who are the Ping G410 Irons For?

The irons do tick many boxes, meaning that they would potentially be an excellent investment for players of most levels.

The clubs are a game improvement iron and are really aimed at those with high to mid handicaps. The Ping G410 iron specs are geared towards that market, as they offer increased forgiveness and consistency. But then that said, who doesn’t want both of those aspects in their game anyway, regardless of level and ability?

If you have been struggling with consistency, even if you consider yourself a ‘low handicapper’, it may be time to let go of the ego and go to something which will work to get you back on track.

The ‘Hot’ Face

The Ping G series of clubs has always been known as a decent ball launcher. This Ping iron set is no exception. The ball does come off the face high and fast. For the right player, this could be a really great feature.

Those looking to move and shape the ball trajectory may find the irons don’t offer quite as much control as your standard players irons. When hitting the club, we found that they did favor a slight draw, but that is our natural shot shape anyway. The club will hit the ball high, straight, and far given a semi-decent swing. More serious players may find that they have to fight against the club’s natural tendency if they want a lower flight or a different trajectory.

These are less workable than a true players iron, and that’s important to know before you pull the trigger.

Quicker Ball Speed and Less Loft

The Ping G410 irons are strong. On average, you can expect to find that you’ll get a decent flight in the long and mid irons and a fair bit of roll after the carry. Again, this is great for those looking to gain a few yards. And you’ll stay in the center of the fairway. But it won’t suit all playing styles. They can take some getting used to, and you’ll find with less loft, the ball won’t behave as you are used to with ‘standard’ clubs.

Consider What You Want for Your Game

Looks aside, it is how a club performs that ultimately dictates how good it is. Sure, you can play with blades all day and look great with them in your bag on the tee. But a thinned shot that takes the heads off the worms isn’t going to impress anyone.

Golf is a game that is almost supernatural in its ability to crush your expectations, even when you are playing well. It doesn’t need to be any harder. If you are looking for consistency and the ability to hit long and straight shots with ease, then these clubs could find a worthy home in your bag.


Are Ping G410 Irons Good for High Handicappers?

Yes, they are certainly more suited to those who are new to golf or looking to improve their game. As the 10th in the Ping series, they have had an excellent chance to refine and finesse their product.

The features we described above are all designed to make things easier. There are one or two features that might not be for everyone. But, if you are a standard run-of-the-mill improver should enable you to be relatively consistent and really start enjoying your golf.

Consider this quote from the late and great Jack Nicklaus: –

“It takes hundreds of good golf shots to gain confidence, but only one bad one to lose it.”

Why would you want to make life more challenging when trying your best to increase your confidence?

Is It Possible to Control the Ball with the Ping G410 Irons?

These irons are designed to keep you straight and get the ball down to where it needs to be. That said, it isn’t impossible to shape your shots using these irons. You will probably have to work for it, though.

Just as the clubs will reduce adverse effects and spin, they will also reduce the amount of intentional spin you want to put on the ball. You can work these a bit, but they’re not nearly as workable as a blade of course.

Where can I buy the Ping G410 irons?

There are a great many outlets for a brand as prestigious as Ping. There are often savings to be had too. You can check out the Ping G410 irons’ current price and see some of the great features we have talked about just here. Here are a few places we recommend:

What Others Say

Now, we don’t expect you just to take one person’s word for it. Here are some things that have been said by other players who have used the clubs:

  • “These are great Irons! I replaced my Ping i5’s, which I had played for years. The G410’s are a super design, great looks, solid feel, and easy to hit. They are a pleasure to play with. The longer irons 4 & 5 are super easy to hit and feel so good at impact. The game just got a little easier. Thanks Ping!”
  • “With the new G410s, I have improved my shot making dramatically. I even shot the lowest round of my entire life, a 79. The clubs are lighter than my old G15s and not as offset. Shots are so smooth and so straight.”
  • What impressed me the most was the accuracy and keeping the ball in play even on miss-hits. Played my first 18 hole round the other day after 2yrs and shot 80 thanks to these clubs.”

Alternatives to the Ping G410 Irons

Callaway Rogue

Callaway Rogue Iron Set

For similar performance in forgiveness and launch angle, you might want to consider the Callaway Rogue irons. They also offer a thinner top line and a wide sole to give confidence over the ball. They also use filled cavity technology to increase ball speeds. They may be well suited if you don’t like a reduced offset as offered in the Ping G410 irons

  • Thin top line
  • Progressive offset
  • Solid feel

TaylorMade M5

TaylorMade M5 Irons

TaylorMade is another of the ‘big guns’ in golf. The high standards placed in clubs for professionals is reflected in these game improvement irons. The heads are relatively compact with a thin top line and smaller details. Perfect if you want to use a game improvement iron without it looking like one. These irons share some features with those seen in our Ping G410 irons review

  • Strong loft
  • Low center of gravity
  • High launch trajectory

Mizuno JPX 919 Hot Metal Iron Set

Mizuno JPX 919 Hot Metal

The clue is in the name. With these irons, you’ll get a really decent launch. Whereas Ping has tried to reduce the face thickness, Mizuno takes a different approach by varying the thickness. As Mizuno irons go, these offer one of the fastest faces.

  • Good ball speeds and feel
  • Improved spin and control
  • Good stability

Final Thoughts

As the name suggests, game improvement irons are aimed at those looking to get better. But, that said, golf is one of those sports that is always a work in progress. The Ping G410 irons will allow improvers and even higher skills to get the best out of their game. Your swing is up to you, but the consequences of a mishit ball don’t always have to be catastrophic. We all have days where we’d give anything to make the ball sail straight down the fairway. Anything that enables us to do this, such as these irons, can only be a good thing. You can see these irons and more about all of the great features here.

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