Srixon Z Star VS Q Star Golf Ball Comparison (2024)

Srixon Golf Ball on Green

Srixon golf balls don’t get nearly the same attention that Titleist golf balls get. Whenever a golf ball flies a bit under the radar like this, I like to give it a try and see if it could be a good alternative to the premium-priced options on the market. 

I grabbed a dozen Srixon Z Star and Srixon Q Star and took them to the course to see how they compared to each other and to the best golf balls on the market. Here’s what I discovered. 

Srixon Z Star At A Glance

Srixon Ball: Z-Star One Dozen
  • FastLayer Core technology
  • Spin Skin SeRM Urethane Cover
  • 338 Speed Dimple Pattern
  • High spin on approach shots and around the greens
  • It can feel a bit firmer than other balls on the market
  • Still not a four or five-piece golf ball (lacks a bit from premium TP5 or Pro V1x)
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The Srixon Z Star is a three piece golf ball with a compression rating of over 90. The ball features a new FastLayer Core that allows for a softer feel in the center and a bit of firmness on the outside edge. With the stiffer outer cover, the golf ball is suitable for higher swing speed players. 

Check the price for the Srixon Z Star on Amazon here.

Srixon Q Star At A Glance

Srixon Ball Q-Star Golf Balls (One Dozen)
  • Fast inner core
  • Distance-enhancing golf ball with 338 Speed Dimple Pattern
  • Thicker outer cover for durability
  • The ionomer cover is not as responsive around the greens
  • The greenside spin is a bit lower
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

The Srixon Q Star is a two-piece golf ball with a compression rating of right around 72. This is a golf ball designed with both feel and distance in mind. Golfers will benefit from a slightly lower price point, soft feel around the greens, and distance for mid to slow swing speed golfers. 

Check the price for the Srixon Q Star on Amazon here.

Srixon Z Star vs. Q Star (Which Is Better)

Now that you have a better idea of what separates the Z Star from the Q Star (aside from your lunch money) let’s look at how they compare on the course. The things that most golfers and I care about are distance, feel and spin

Srixon Z Star Golf Ball


As you may have noticed, both the Z Star and the Q Star feature the new FastLayer Core system. This essentially means that both golf balls have a core that is designed to increase total distance. 

It works. 

The Srixon Z Star and Q Star both give you good distance; the key here is not necessarily about which golf ball is longer, but which is longer for your game. For higher swing speed players, you will benefit significantly from the higher compression Z Star. 

Lower swing speeds are much better off with the Q Star. In fact, with a compression a little over 90, you may actually lose distance with the Z Star if your swing speed isn’t quite fast enough. 

Although we are talking distance here, spin plays into the total distance. To get a long drive, you need a golf ball with a low spin off the tee, and both the Z Star and the Q Star have this feature.


Spin matters in three areas: off the tee, an approach shot into the green, and when chipping and pitching. The Srixon Z Star and the Srixon Q Star both have the new Spin Skin technology. However, the Q Star has an Ionomer cover; the Z Star has a Urethane cover. 

From the tee, the Z Star and the Q Star have low spin, and with approach shots, the spin is about average. Where we see the real difference is around the greens. 

The Z Star has excellent spin and helps you stop your shot on the green where you need to. Combine this golf ball with something like a Vokey wedge and expect to feel in control from 30 yards and in. 

Q Star has a soft feel which certainly helps you feel in control of the golf ball, but it doesn’t have as much spin as the Z Star. When you move from a three piece golf ball to a two-piece golf ball, this is often what you will see happen. 


The Z Star and the Q Star are both considered to be soft golf balls, according to Srixon. They are advertised as having a soft feel to help ensure more control around the greens. 

With the Q Star, you will notice that the golf ball feels really soft. I liked the feel on chip shots; when putting it was a bit too soft for my liking. For slower swing speed players or new golfers, this type of soft feel is a tremendous benefit. 

The Z Star is a bit harder; however, it does have a thinner outer core than you will find the Q Star. Therefore you will notice a slightly more responsive feel, as opposed to the softer, dull feeling in the Q Star.

Feel is a matter of preference, for the most part. However, better players typically like something with a slightly firmer feel so that there is a bit of increased control.  

Srixon Q Star golf ball


The price of the Z Star is higher than the Q Star, which is pretty typical for the two-piece vs. three piece technology. When looking at the Z Star and Q Star, I can say they both have good value for the price they are offered. 

Slightly less money than the Titleist or Callaway golf balls they would compare to, and enough durability to sneak in a few rounds with the same golf ball, the overall price is fair. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few of the commonly asked questions that golfers consider when choosing between these two golf balls. 

What is the difference between Srixon Q Star and Z-Star?

The Srixon Q Star is a two-piece golf ball built for a soft feel and distance; the Z Star is a more premium selection with three piece technology and impressive greenside spin. 

Who should use Srixon Z-Star?

The Srixon Z Star is best for lower-handicap players with faster swing speed. Players who demand more precise control from their shots will enjoy what the Z Star has to offer. 

Is Srixon Z-Star good for high handicappers?

The Srixon Z Star can be good for high handicappers with high swing speeds; however, with a compression rating that is slightly high, this is not good for slower swinging high handicappers. 

Do any pros use Srixon Z-Star?

Brooks Koepka, Keegan Bradley, and JJ Spaun have all been known to use Srixon Z Star golf balls from time to time.

Srixon Z Star vs. Q Star (Winner) 

It’s difficult to declare a clear winner when choosing between the Srixon Z Star and Q Star. I like the performance of each of these golf balls and their price point, but here’s the bottom line: 

Higher swing speed players looking for control around the green need to play with the Srixon Z Star. 

Lower swing speed players that want a soft feel and impressive distance should be playing with the Q Star. 

The next time you shop for golf balls, put Srixon into the mix. Although this brand doesn’t get the attention that Titleist, Callaway, and even TaylorMade do, there is still enough technology here to help millions of golfers with their game. 

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