About Fairway Approach

Welcome to Fairway Approach and thanks for checking us out! My name is Brandon DiCroce, and I’ve been absolutely obsessed with the game of golf for about 15 years. I’m originally from Upstate New York, but currently live in Manhattan.  In just about any free moment I have, I’m either playing golf, practicing, or researching courses and new gear. Outside of playing golf, I love to travel, cook, and try out some of the best restaurants NYC has to offer! 

I created this page to help golfers gain control of their game. The average golfer is always looking to improve, and I wanted to create a site that could provide value to any golfer who wants to shoot lower, more consistent scores. 

Some Info on my game

  • Lowest round: 78 (Updated as of May 22nd 2020)
  • Favorite shot to hit: Approach from the fairway, 52 degree about 120 yards
  • 7 Iron distance: 175 yards
  • Favorite Course I’ve played: Orange Tree Golf Club, Orlando FL
  • Some cool places I’ve played: Ka’anapali Hawaii, Cancun Mexico, Orlando FL, Austin TX

My Mission is to help you gain control of your game.

How I Bring you content

Everything you’ll find on Fairway Approach has been planned by me personally. I try to write as much of my own content as I can, but I also do use the help of freelance writers as well. I personally edit every piece of content on the site, to make sure all content is high quality and accurate, helping you make the best possible purchase decisions. 

I strive to test as many of the products I review on this site as I can, but the reality is I cannot test all of them. On products I haven’t tested, I rely on  extensive online customer feedback. 

I try to spend as much time as I can in stores, checking out and demoing new products that may be interesting to the golf community. 

 As a whole, I want Fairway Approach to be a place you can get great information about new products in golf, and assure you we do not rely on any brand sponsorship. Fairway Approach remains totally independent so that you can use our information to make informed buying decisions. 

Why Fairway approach?

So, why read Fairway Approach? If you’re on this site, that means you’re actively looking to improve your approach to the game of golf, and shoot better scores more consistently. 

If you agree with the following statements, I think you’ll really enjoy reading with us:

  • You want to feel confident knowing you have the right equipment to shoot your best possible scores more consistently
  • You’re interested in advice on golf gear based off of real customer feedback, rather than company sales pages 
  • You’re passionate about the beautiful game of golf, and are constantly looking for ways to improve

If all this sounds great, I’m looking forward to you checking out our guides and reviews! Thanks for reading!