Best Golf Gadgets for 2022: Using Tech On the Course

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Golf is one of the few sports where technology can be used by players, and who doesn’t love to take advantage of that? Over the last 5-10 years golf has become a much more data-driven, numbers and stats oriented game for anyone who is looking to improve their scoring abilities and understand their game. This is where golf gadgets come in to play, and there are literally hundreds of potential gadgets you can go out and buy for golf.

Golf gadgets come in many forms; You can buy gadgets to make your round more enjoyable, like a Bluetooth speaker. You can buy a golf gadget that helps you take a data driven approach to improvement, like a portable launch monitor or a Rangefinder/GPS. And in the 3rd bucket, there are dozens and dozens of gadgets that just make your life easier before, during and after your round!

We’ve covered the market, researching nearly 75 products to come up with our 10 best golf gadgets for this year. Let’s dive in below!

Best Golf Gadgets | Reviewed

FlightScope Mevo Portable Launch Monitor

Lately it seems like the portable launch monitor is all the rage among golfers, and for a very good reason. The FlightScope Mevo Portable Launch monitor gives you access to extremely valuable data, which in itself can tell you a lot about your game and your swing. This launch monitor gives you real time feedback on your golf swing, helping you dial in your distances from your lob wedge through to driver.

So what does it measure? You’ll get realtime feedback on your carry distance, clubhead speed, smash factor, ball speed, spin rate, launch angle, apex height, and flight time. The FlightScope Mevo uses 3D Doppler radar technology to deliver you these 8 metrics after every swing you take, whether you’re out on the range or hitting balls in the garage!

This is a gadget for the tinkerer and the perfectionist. You can hone in on swing path and launch angle to optimize carry distances on your driver which can have a huge impact on how you play your course. The data this monitor gives you tends to be pretty accurate, and from our analysis you get more data points with the Mevo than other leading portable launch monitors, at the same price. If you want to dive into analytics on the range, this is the gadget for you.

Bushnell Golf Wingman Portable Speaker

The Bushnell Golf Wingman isn’t quite a traditional game improvement gadget, but is certainly a piece of golf tech that can make your life better while helping you out during your round. Simply put, the Wingman is a speaker made for golf thanks to a few unique features that your typical Bose won’t have.

The Bushnell Wingman portable speaker is unique in the fact that it combines a traditional portable speaker with GPS functionality- this let’s you jam to your favorite music then push a quick button to get front back and center yardages to the green. Thanks to Bushnell’s BITE Technology, this speaker magnetizes to a standard golf cart for easy access, and has a battery that can last up to 10 hours.

Sound cool? Well, the overwhelming majority of golfers who have the Wingman think so too! The device is easy to use, and the GPS is accurate enough to give you a decent read. If you want a gadget to help you relax and stay in the zone at the same time, this might just be your Wingman (pun intended).

Voice Caddie T8 Golf Watch

A golf gadget buyers guide wouldn’t be complete without a GPS enabled golf watch, and we found the Voice Caddie T8 to be one of the very best on the market this year. Released in mid 2021, the T8 is Voice Caddies most cutting edge premium GPS Golf watch to date.

The first thing that stands out with the T8 is the vibrant full color touch screen that shows front back and pin yardages automatically as you play your round. This watch has VC’s V-Algorithm tech, which gives this watch automatic slope calculation capabilities. As you play a hole you get a complete look at the hole and can simply tap for carry yardages over hazards or to map out certain shots. When you approach the green your T8 switches to putt view, giving you a dynamic view of the undulation of the putting surface, helping you read your putts.

If you want a high end GPS golf watch, the T8 is best in class. After using mine for about 5-6 rounds, I can’t imagine hitting the course without it!

Arccos Caddie Smart Sensors

While a launch monitor gives you key performance metrics on the range or in your garage, the Arccos Smart Sensors act as a more dynamic game analyzer technology that you stick on each of your clubs. Arccos is not brand new; they’ve been around for a few years at this point, and have only been able to improve the technology and capabilities of their sensors.

Arccos has a few functions: it tracks your shot data, and acts as an intelligent A.I. powered rangefinder while you’re out playing on the course. The actual sensors themselves compile all data around your shots, and average yardages with all of your clubs, capturing all this data automatically as you play. Over time, this gives the player a really valuable window into their own game. The sensors pair with an app to give you smart distance club averages, as well as strokes gained analytics highlighting individual strengths and weaknesses based on statistics.

The second major feature of Arccos is the GPS system. This A.I. backed GPS can measure wind and wind gusts, elevation, temperature, humidity, and altitude all in real time to provide an unbelievably accurate yardage figure for every shot you have on the course, which gives you unparalleled access to key data during your round. While this is impressive enough, the stats around your game are measured against your yardages out on the course and provide recommendations on which club to pull, helping you build a solid strategy while out on the course.

I’ve personally used Arccos for multiple years, and I’m really happy with the results and insight it provides into my game. There are only 2 slight drawbacks here: annual subscription, and the inclusion of your occasional duff in shot averages. Your typical amateur duff can skew your data slightly, so it’s important to keep that in mind. Overall, this is a really impressive product that gives the user unbelievable insight into their own game.

Titleist Valuables Golf Pouch

As golfers, we tend to have a ton of “stuff” on us while we play; keys, phone, wallet, watch, the list goes on. It can be quite annoying putting all these items in different places, which is what makes a valuables golf pouch such a useful gadget while you’re out golfing. This Titleist valuables golf pouch is a relatively small valuables pouch- it measures in around 6.4″ x 5 x 4.4 inches, which is plenty of space for a phone, wallet etc to be stored. On the other hand, I see plenty of players use a pouch like this to store balls, tees, markers, etc to be pulled out mid round. Frankly, a leather pouch can be a really handy thing while you’re out on the course, and this one has been thoughtfully crafted by Titleist.

OptiShot 2Golf in a Box

The OptiShot 2 Golf in fa Box is a relatively affordable at home golf simulator solution that makes it really easy to put together an at home golf setup. This is one of the coolest golf gadgets we’ve come across; a normal full fledged golf simulator set up can cost thousands of dollars, if not more, while The OptiShot 2 comes in under $1000, making this a huge value play.

OptiShot is an award winning simulator system, and is useful for anyone from the once a month player to a low handicapper. The box includes an Infrared Optical Swing Pad, the OptiShot software with 15 included courses to play on, adjustable rubber tees, 2 rubber practice balls, a full sized portable hitting net, and of course a hitting mat. Again, for under $1000, this setup is tough to beat. The golf mat itself is 4′ by 5′ offering plenty of space for you to set up and play, and the portable net is 7′ by 8′, and fits in most indoor spaces. The mat is made from high end materials, and doesn’t feel “hard” at impact.

While this is what’s included with the OptiShot 2, there are several additonal packages available with even more features, courses, etc. This is an incredible value at home simulator set up, which can give you an accurate swing analysis and the ability to play over a dozen courses from your home. This is definitely one of our favorite gadgets you can buy right now in the golf world.

Bulex Golf Club Groove Sharpener

A groove sharpener is an underrated and under-utilized golf gadget that should be a staple in the bag of a serious golfer. Simply put, a groove sharpener helps keep your grooves clean and sharp, helping you create optimal spin conditions, particularly with your wedges. It’s no secret that clean and fresh grooves provide the bite needed to rip your ball to a stop on the green, so why wouldn’t you want to be able to care for your grooves frequently? The Bulex golf club groove sharpener is an affordable tool that is super easy to use, and produces awesome results for your wedge grooves.

The Bulex groove sharpener is highly portable and really easy to use- it’s roughly the size of a pen. It’s made to be used on U-grooves or V-grooves, meaning this can be used on any iron or wedge on the market today. The sharpening bit itself is made from high grade precision tool vacuum heat treated steel, which is a fancy way of saying the bit is extremely durable and made to last for years.

A groove sharpener like this can be used on older wedges that you’ve had for years, or relatively new wedges that you want to keep sharp at all times. The difference before sharpening vs after sharpening is blatant. Coming in at under $8, this is a pretty great gadget that can bring some immediate changes to your short game.

Cart Tek Electric Golf Push Cart

If you play a lot of golf in a country club setting, getting a golf push cart is a high IQ play. If you want to take it to the next level, you go for an electric push cart; there are few that stand up to the Cart-Tek Electric Golf Push Cart GRi-1500Li. Quick disclaimer; this is a premium purchase as far as golf gadgets go, and definitely carry’s a price tag that reflects that.

The Cart-Tek Electric Golf Push Cart GRi-1500Li is a premium electric golf cart, and has been Cart-Tek’s #! best selling electric golf trolley for over 7 years at this point. This electric trolley has 3 modes: Remote, Free Wheel, and Trolley mode. When needed you can push the cart manually, otherwise it’s easy to control via remote. The GRi-1500Li is highly portable and fits easily into the trunk of even a compact sedan; it’s also really easy to set up at the course, so you can get right out onto the first tee with minimal hassle.

This trolley does really well on hills, and takes a ton of burden off the golfer making you feel like you have a personal caddie while you play. The battery lasts comfortably for 36 holes, and takes roughly 3-4 hours to charge. The cart is powered by a 24V lithium ion battery, which is of course included with purchase. Visusally, the cart is sleek, and has a great minimalistic design with a water bottle holder on the neck of the cart.

An electric golf cart can make your life super easy while you’re walking and playing the course. There are few models that have recieved as much praise and accolades as the Cart-Tek GRi-1500Li, so if you’re looking for a high end cart for your club, this is an excellent pick.

Golf Buddy Voice 2

The Golf Buddy Voice 2 at it’s core is a golf GPS, but has a pretty unconventional and unique design that makes this a fun gadget to carry around while you play. This is a small scale range finder that measures in about 2 inches by 2 inches, with a small screen display that shows front middle back yardages to the green. As I’m sure you’d expect with the name, this GPS also has a voice/audio function that will read out yardages to you with the quick click of a button. Given the size, this is an easy device to strap to your golf hat or clip to your pocket making this a really convenient and slim rangefinder option.

The battery for the Voice 2 charges pretty quickly, and can usually be used for 27-36 holes without a charge. Overall, this is a really handy gadget that comes in at a pretty affordable pricetag; if you want more info, I have a longer review on the Golf Buddy Voice 2 you can check out here.

Final Thoughts

The newer generation of golfers are truly data nerds, and golf gadgets can often give you an in-depth look into key areas of your game. Whether you are looking to analyze your game and swing with a launch monitor or want to set up an at home simulator, there are countless options for using technology to improve your game and your life on the golf course. After studying the market carefully, we think the OptiShot 2 Golf in a box is the best product on the market; it gives you access to all the data you want around your swing, while still being a fun and useful at home piece of technology. Thanks for reading, and enjoy your new tech!

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