Callaway X Hot Irons Review

Callaway X Hot Irons

Callaway have long been leaders in the golf iron space, making irons for golfers of all skill levels. After a successful run with the RAZR iron range, Callaway decided to bless the market with the X Hot irons back in 2013. Given the immense popularity of this set of irons, I wanted to do a thorough Callaway X Hot irons review to see how these golf clubs perform today.

In this review we’re taking a look at the technology that powers these irons and why it might benefit your golf game. In addition, I take you through the performance features of the set to help you decide if they suit your swing. This is an extremely popular set of clubs, so I’m excited to see what’s under the hood. Let’s dive in!

Callaway X Hot Irons Key Features at a glance

  • Wider sole enhances turf interaction and deepens the center of gravity (CG)
  • The undercut cavity back pushes the CG low and back for a higher launch
  • Speed frame accelerates ball speed off the clubface
  • An expanded sweet spot restricts side spin and maintains ball speed on off-center strikes.

Who are the Callaway X Hot Irons Made for?

Callaway X Hot irons are built for high handicap golfers seeking distance, accuracy, and forgiveness. 

Their enlarged sweet spot helps the irons to maintain ball speed and restrict side spin on off-centerstrikes. This combination encourages straight shots that travel further in every single iron in the bag. This, combined with the technology in the clubface construction prompts accelerated ball speed on all strikes for maximum yardage.

Finally, the undercut cavity back design pushes the CG in these irons low and deep. That helps the irons deliver consistently high launching shots for consistent carry distance and a soft landing. If you need clubs that help you hit the ball higher, further and straighter, these are made for players like yourself!

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Technology And Specs

Undercut Cavity Back Construction

The Callaway X Hot irons feature an undercut cavity back construction designed to push the CG low and back. This setup enables the average golfer to launch high shots that lead to consistent carry distance and soft landing.

These characteristics help you achieve control on approach to the green. You can hold the tightest putting surface, thanks to a soft landing.

Speed Frame Face Technology

Callaway employed Speed Frame Face Technology to accelerate your ball speed and increase distance in your iron game. The technology bolsters the stiffness of the clubface to enhance the transfer of energy at contact.

Stiffening the clubface increases the coefficient of restitution, prompting rapid ball speed. When the Speed Frame Technology combines with the undercut cavity, you produce a high launch and maximum yardage.

Furthermore, the Speed Frame ensures that you maintain ball speed and do not lose distance on mishits. It springs into action on strikes out of the heel, toe, and lower face, minimizing the damage of your inaccurate execution.

At the time of their release, some Callaway employees suggested that the irons delivered 3 mph faster ball speed over its predecessors. Results will vary between golfers, but it showcases the explosive velocity the X Hot irons can produce.

Wider Sole

These irons’ wider sole and oversized profile are not attractive to superior golfers. However, the engineers needed space to stash their game improvement technology. 

The wide-sole works to improve turf interaction, which helps your golf club glide across the turf and strike the ball cleanly. Even when your ball is in the rough. 

Moreover, the wider sole design assists the undercut cavity back in pushing the CG deep and low. This positioning aids the average golfer in getting their ball airborne consistently with the irons.

Expanded Sweet Spot

The X Hot irons are constructed with perimeter weighting around the clubface. This design further supports the face and expands the sweet spot for optimal forgiveness.

Speed Frame Technology collaborates with the sweet spot to maintain ball speed on mishits. Therefore, if you strike it low off the face, heel, or toe, it mitigates the damage and encourages consistent distance.

In addition, the expanded sweet spot boosts your accuracy by restricting side spin on heel and toe strikes. This means the club reduces the risk of creating sidespin that causes you to hook or slice your shot. Ultimately, you enjoy straighter shots for improved accuracy and consistency.

The downside of the sweet spot is that it limits your ability to shape shots. However, this should not worry high handicap golfers who require forgiveness and accuracy above everything else.

Feel Management Technology

A dual material medallion appears in the cavity of these irons to improve the acoustics and feel of each shot. Callaway refers to this feature as Feel Management Technology. 

The dual material medallion tweaks the sound to deliver crisp acoustics on strikes out of the sweet spot. In addition, the medallion offers a dynamic feel and drowns out unwanted vibrations on off-center strikes.

Loft Specs

Callaway constructed the X Hot irons with weaker lofts than usual, making them more attractive to golfers with slower swing speeds. The 4-iron in the X Hot set is 3.5-degrees weaker than the same club in the new Rogue ST Max range. 

In addition, the X Hot pitching wedge carries 44 degrees of loft, compared to the Rogue ST Max at 41 degrees. Therefore, the weaker lofts of the X Hot will not provide the distance of the Rogue ST Max range.

Furthermore, the weaker lofted Callaway X Hot irons should launch higher and land softer compared to the ST Max clubs. That means you enjoy more control on approach and stand a higher chance of holding small putting surfaces.

The only noticeable oddity with the X Hot clubs is the gap wedge. It is set with 49 degrees of loft, which is 1 to 3 degrees stronger than the standard 50 and 52-degree designs. 



The stock shaft offered on the X Hot irons is the True Temper Speed Step 85 Lightweight Alloy Steel construction. This shaft is available in stiff, regular, and ladies flex to cater to players with fast, average, and slow clubhead speed.

You need a stiffer design if the standard regular flex shaft causes you to balloon your iron strikes and lose carry distance. In that instance, I suggest considering the stiff flex design. On the contrary, a ladies flex is suitable when the regular construction produces super low ball flight.


Ball Speed

The engineers at Callaway employed Speed Frame Face Technology to boost ball speed across the clubface. As you know, accelerated ball velocity is essential to optimize your launch and distance.

These irons do well to increase your ball speed on strikes out of the sweet spot. In addition, they also save you on off-center hits. This combination of an enlarged sweet spot and rapid clubface delivers consistent ball speed on all shots. Therefore, you produce optimal distance control with your irons.

Overall, mid to high handicappers produce harmonious ball speed on contact across the clubface.


Callaway X Hot irons are built to deliver consistent yardage, but they are not the longest clubs in the game. The weaker lofts that feature on these irons cause you to generate additional backspin rpm, which sends the ball higher and shorter.

Thanks to the low and deep CG position, these clubs encourage a high launching shot, which helps you keep your ball in the air. That helps to achieve consistent carry distance for improved control on approach.

Furthermore, the low CG position is supported by Speed Frame Technology. Together they enhance the energy transfer from the clubface to the ball through impact. That imparts additional velocity onto the ball to promote ample distance.

However, although these irons are consistent, they do not send the ball as far as their stronger lofted counterparts.


An enlarged sweet spot features on the irons in the X Hot range. I have already explained how that improves your distance consistency. But, it also enhances your accuracy to keep you straight and in play.

The wide sweet spot interjects on heel and toe mishits to minimize the side spin produced from these strikes. Excessive levels of sidespin can cause your ball to slice or hook into trouble. As a result of limited sidespin, you enjoy straighter shots for greater accuracy.


The X Hot irons contain low and deep CG and an enlarged sweet spot. Plus, the clubs produce explosive ball speed for consistent distance.

Low and deep CG combine with the Speed Frame Face Technology to produce high, long golf shots for adequate yardage. In addition, the sweet spot restricts side spin that can wreak havoc with your accuracy.

As a result, the forgiving nature of these clubs provides constant distance and accuracy on all strikes. That is why they are best suited to mid and high-handicappers who need all the forgiveness they can get.

Pros And Cons


  • Forgiving
  • High launching
  • Explosive ball speed
  • Crisp acoustics
  • Eradicates vibrations


  • Limits the ability to shape shots
  • These irons deliver fewer yards than their competitors
  • The high launch can cause faster swingers to balloon their strikes.

Final Thoughts

Considering that the Callaway X Hot irons hit our shelves nine years ago, they remain relevant. They are forgiving and produce rapid ball speed, optimal accuracy, and a consistent, high launch. These are features that manufacturers still deliver in their equipment today.

While these irons help amateurs to get their iron strikes airborne, that comes at a cost. The weaker lofted irons produce increased backspin, resulting in fewer yards than their competitors. Plus, the oversized cavity back design restricts your ability to shape shots when required.

Based on the features and benefits of these golf clubs, our Callaway X Hot irons review shows that they suit mid and high-handicap golfers.

If you are searching for a forgiving, consistent, and accurate iron set, think about the X Hot irons. Since they are older, they carry the price of an entry-level product, a bonus for bargain hunters.

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