Perfect Practice Putting Mat Full Review

When I think of a typical putting mat, my mind tends to go to a flimsy piece of rubber that looks and feels cheap. Most putting mats on the market cost less than $100, are made with cheap plastic ball returns, and frankly what you see is what you get. The Perfect Practice Putting Mat is the antithesis to a typical putting mat, and has quickly become the go-to premium indoor putting mat on the market.

Since coming to market, this is now the official putting mat used by Dustin Johnson, and is used and endorsed by countless Professional Golfers, from Matthew Wolff to Paige Spiranac. This mat is everywhere- if you haven’t seen an ad or a video of someone famous using this mat, where have you been?!

So what is Perfect Practice all about? Is it that much better than the competition, and is it worth the cost? We’ve written a complete and honest review covering this mat in detail; check it out below!

Perfect Practice Putting Mat Overview

Before we go any further, let’s look at a few of the key features, which ultimately are the bread and butter of what makes this mat so good.

Key Features

Hole Setup

Perfect Practice Putting Mat

The standard version of the Perfect Putting Mat measures nearly 9 feet in length, and is equipped with 2 holes: on the left, you have a regulation size hole, and on the right you have a reduced size hole, which is roughly half the size of a standard cup. When I first got this mat, I barely looked at the regulation sized hole, and only focused on using the smaller hole. My thought process was if I can make most of my putts on the reduced size hole consistently, the standard hole will be that much easier.

Both holes include alignment aids to help make sure you’re lining up your putts correctly, and after 5 minutes using the mat I realized how useful the visual aid can be to smooth out your stroke. The smaller hole has a train track style alignment set up, with a dotted line in the middle. The regulation sized hole features one centered line straight into the cup. The alignment aids provide an easy visual cue on how you’re putting, which is the foundation of a good putting stroke.

Adjustable Ball Return

This is one of my favorite features that the Perfect Practice Mat has to offer. The mat comes with a sleek, well made wooden track that automatically returns your ball to you every time, This is a feature that’s often overlooked on most other putting mats- many options out there don’t return the golf ball completely, and that’s never once been an issue with this mat. Beyond it’s basic function, the wooden track is adjustable, so that you can choose where your ball comes off the track. This is extremely useful if you’re practicing at various putting distances; if you’re working on 4 foot putts, you can adjust the track to let the ball out right in front of you.

The Mat Materials

The actual mat is far from flimsy, and is actually made of some pretty thick material. The thickness makes me think this mat will hold up against the test of time, and end up being an investment that lasts far beyond a season or two. As far as the material, Perfect Practice’s mats use a Crystal Velvet Trueroll Technology, which helps produce some impressive ball speed that helps simulate a real green. The speed of this mat is between 10 and 14 on the Stimpmeter, depending what what surface the mat is on. Overall the mat material feels durable, rolls well, and simulates a quick putt.


These guys made sure that a big draw for this mat is how sleek it looks. The mat is just visually appealing; the wood looks classy, the wooden ball return looks great along the side, and the mat itself has a great look to it. A premium product like this needs to look great, and the Perfect Practice putting mat ticks that box with ease.

Perfect Practice Putting Mat

Set Up and First Use

From the minute you take this mat out of the box, you can tell that the Perfect Putting Mat is a high quality product. It’s well packaged, and the mat is extremely easy to assemble– the actual mat is attached to the ramp and the end of the wooden ball return. It takes about 2 minutes to set the whole thing up. Out of the box, the mat will be a little bit uneven and won’t lie completely flat from the get-go. If you put something heavy on it, or just give it time, the mat flattens out perfectly for a smooth roll.

Included with the Perfect Putting Mat is access to their “Drop-5 System”, which is a 5 part video series that is meant to help you form a better putting stroke. Before you start putting with the mat, I think it’s worth watching the first video or two, and taking what they teach and applying it to your stroke on the mat. Zach Allen’s videos are really easy to follow, and can make you a better putter.

On my first use of the mat, I was really happy with the entire product. The incline toward the hole helps in an area that so many golfers struggle with: leaving it short; with the hole being elevated, the mat simulates the putting speed you need to get the ball to or past the hole. The mat simulates a lightning fast green- PGA Tour average Stimp Rating is 12, and this mat simulates a 10-14 Stimp Rating. The mat feels quick, but as long as you can adjust your stroke on the course you shouldn’t have any problems.

How The Perfect Putting Mat Affected My Game

It’s one thing to say “this is a great product because it’s well made”, and another thing to say “this mat changed my putting stroke and made me a better player”. I can genuinely say that the Perfect Practice Putting Mat has helped me become a better, more consistent putter. With that said, this isn’t a quick fix product. You need to use it, work on your stroke, gain your rhythm and make sure you’re utilizing the alignment on the mat.

This past summer after using the mat daily for nearly a month, my putting game was easily the strongest it’s ever been. I was one-putting WAY more often, and nailing some serious putts from distance. At one point this year, I was able to drain 38 consecutive 8-footers on this baby- and the stroke definitely translated to the course. During our annual member guest, I was able to nail back to back birdie putts from 25 and 20 feet away, clinching a spot in the top 3 in our flight; making those putts came down to confidence, and all the practice I put in with the Perfect Putting Mat.

This mat is great practice for peak season and the offseason; there’s nothing better than working on your putting stroke in the winter, and lighting up the putting greens come spring. If you want consistency, this is pretty much a no brainer buy.

Buying Options:

Perfect Practice has a few options on the market, but their original mat seems to be the most popular.

Perfect Putting Mat- Standard

Perfect Putting Mat- Standard

The standard option measures about 9 feet 6 inches in length, with 2 holes and the alignment features. This is the version I’ve used, and I absolutely love it. The standard price on this mat is $189 on their website.

Compact Edition

Perfect Practice Compact Edition

If you don’t have a ton of room, the compact version of the Perfect Putting Mat might be a better option for you. The compact version measures out at about 8 feet, with one hole to practice on. This mat still features the alignment aids and wooden ball return that you find in the original version, it’s just a bit smaller. If you want the for a small apartment or your office, the compact version is a solid choice. This mat typically sells for about $159.

XL Version

The only difference between the standard and the XL version of the Perfect Putting Mat is the length, of course. Instead of measuring at 9 feet 6 inches, this mat measures in at 15 feet 6 inches. If you have a ton of room and want to practice those longer putts, this mat will do the trick. You can buy the XL version for about $229.

Our Takeaway

Not all putting mats are created equal, and I think that’s what the team at Perfect Practice wanted to drive home when they made these mats. From our experience these mats are well made, look great, and include a bonus video putting lesson. If you want the best putting mat on the market, grabbing one of these is a no brainer decision.

Thanks for reading!

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