The Best Golf Shoes for Women

As a woman golfer, it can be lots of fun to buy matching golf skirts and shirts, but one of the most important items you wear while golfing will be your golf shoes. It is imperative that when you go out on the golf course, you are wearing high quality golf shoes; NOT running shoes or sneakers. The grass can be very slippery, and the traction on normal shoes is not good enough to prevent you from slipping during your golf swing. Golf shoes have spiked or spikeless gripped soles, creating great traction and balance on the course. 

Golf shoes should be comfortable, lightweight, breathable, have good traction on the bottom, and look stylish. You will be wearing them often and with multiple outfits, so you need to like the look of them too! We have reviewed dozens of women’s golf shoes that are currently on the market and with the above criteria, have narrowed down the best golf shoes for women this year. 

If you just want to know our top pick, here it is: FootJoy Women’s DryJoys Boa Golf Shoes

Buyer’s Guide: What to Look For in Golf Shoes


It is extremely important that you purchase a pair of golf shoes with excellent traction on the sole. You should never wear normal sneakers or shoes on the golf course. Normal sneakers do not have the traction and grip that golf shoes have; this is the biggest difference in golf shoes vs. normal sneakers. The spiked bottoms help you keep your balance and maintain your form during your golf swing, so you can stay in position during your whole swing.

Golf shoes can either have spiked soles or spikeless soles. Back in the day, golf spikes used to be made out of metal however now metal spikes have been replaced by hard plastic or rubber composite. Spiked golf shoes will definitely give you extra grip and traction, but spikeless soles also have great traction and can feel lighter on your feet. 


Many golfers prefer to walk a course rather than use an electric cart. If you are walking 9 or 18 holes, you want to be sure that you have comfortable shoes. Nothing is worse than having uncomfortable feet or getting blisters half way through walking a long course. Look for golf shoes with padded insoles and added cushioning. It is also good if the shoe is a little wider in the toe area so you can wear thicker socks and not be squished. Your feet need room to breathe yet still be supported and stable. 


Weatherproofing or waterproofing is another factor to consider when you’re deciding between shoes. If you’re a fair weather golfer and don’t go out in wet conditions, then you can ignore this. If you tend to play in wet conditions or notice your home course’s fairways are usually wet from dew or rain, you’ll want to make sure your new golf shoes are weatherproofed.

You never know when an unexpected rain shower will make an appearance, and many times the greens will be dewy or wet even if it is not raining when you play. Preventing your feet from getting wet is vital. Many golf shoes are not fully waterproof, but water resistant, which is good for lighter showers and dewy greens. 


For me personally, traction, water resistance, and comfort are all extremely important factors, but I also want a pair of golf shoes that I think are stylish and attractive. You need to actually like the look of the shoes you will be wearing and feel confident in them. Nobody wants bulky looking shoes that don’t match any of their clothes. All of the shoes reviewed have several color options and are sleek and stylish. 

Now that we know what to look for in golf shoes, let’s take a look at our top picks for the best golf shoes for women!

Best Golf Shoes for Women: Our Top Picks

Best Overall: FootJoy Women’s DryJoys Boa Golf Shoes

Footjoy Women's DryJoys Boa Golf Shoes

If you are looking for a classic looking golf shoe with the professional and stylish leather design, this is an excellent option for you. The FootJoy Women’s DryJoys Boa Golf Shoes are sleek and timeless with an iconic golf name brand designer. These golf shoes are made with 100% textile soft premium full grain leather and are completely waterproof. They are breathable, comfortable and durable made with fine quality materials. They also feature laceless technology and have a twist feature on the back to tighten or loosen the shoes. 

The rubber outsole is durable and offers incredible traction on slippery greens with 7 spikes throughout the sole. The sole is equipped with a fiberglass composite support bridge which is strategically positioned to provide tremendous midfoot stability. This shoe is offered in regular or wide options and half sizes as well. The FootJoy Women’s DryJoys Boa Shoes come in either pure white or white with a black and white contrast design through the middle. Either option is stylish and would look great on the golf course. Lots of compliments will come your way with these DryJoys!

Best Value: Adidas Women’s Tech Response Golf Shoe

Adidas Women's Tech Response Golf Shoes

For a breathable, affordable option that comes in several color choices, the Adidas Women’s Tech Response Golf Shoe is a great option to consider. Made out of microfiber leather, they are available in 7 different color options. These golf shoes come in sizes 5-11 with half sizes available as well.

 The Adidas Women’s W Tech Response Golf Shoe has a 6 spike thintech outsole with long lasting abrasion resistance. This thintech sole improves stability and traction, and is gentler to the greens. You have the option to remove the rubber spikes which is a nice feature. These shoes offer a cloud foam insole which provides cushioning and comfort – perfect for walking 9 or 18 holes! They are also wider in the forefoot area for better fit and feel. Anyone with wider feet or golfers who like wearing thicker socks may benefit from these shoes. 

We should note that these shoes are not waterproof as they do feature a fabric section across the middle of the shoe. The Adidas Women’s Tech Response Golf Shoe is a great option if you are playing in sunny weather but may not be the best option if it starts to rain hard. If it is lightly sprinkling you should be fine but you don’t want to be stepping in puddles with these. 

Best Premium Golf Shoe: ECCO Women’s Biom Hybrid 3 Gore-tex Golf Shoe

ECCO Women's Biom Hybrid 3 Gore-Tex Golf Shoe

The ECCO Women’s Biom Hybrid 3 Gore-tex Golf Shoe is a premium option and is made with extremely high quality materials and technology. This golf shoe is equipped with GORE-TEX waterproof technology, making it a great option to wear in all elements. With an anti-microbial Ortholite inlay sole for long lasting cushioning, comfort and enhanced breathability, your feet will be fine in these shoes for long rounds and even off the course. 

The sole features the ECCO Tri-Fi-Grip with three different zones supporting stability, rotational support, and durability. 

Made with high quality YAK leather, these shoes are lightweight and durable. Depending on the style, they can either be 100% leather, or a mix of leather and textile. The ECCO Women’s Biom Hybrid 3 Gore-tex Golf Shoe comes in 11 colors and are available in sizes 4-11.5. These golf shoes are definitely a premium option to consider and will be your go-to golf shoe for several seasons as they are durable and made with the best quality materials.

Best Waterproof Pick: Under Armour Women’s Fade RST Golf Shoe

Under Armour Women's Fade RST Golf Shoe

Another solid option in the current golf shoe market is the Under Armour Women’s Fade RST Golf Shoe. Offered in 3 sleek color options, these shoes look clean and stylish. The fabric is a textile and synthetic blend, making the shoes extremely durable. They also feature a breathable, Clarino microfiber membrane which is lightweight and waterproof, keeping you cool & dry. Under Armour offers a 1 year limited waterproof warranty; this is the only golf shoe we found with a waterproof warranty. 

The sole features UA Rotational Resistance (RST) Spikes for lockdown traction and grip while you swing. Being that these are waterproof and have rotational resistance spikes, these shoes are an excellent choice if you live in a rainy area or plan on golfing when it is going to be wet. We did find that these shoes run slightly big, so you may want to look at the size chart and possibly order a half size down.

Best Lightweight Option: ECCO Women’s S-lite Golf Shoe

ECCO Women's S-lite Golf Shoe

The Ecco Women’s S-Lite Golf Shoe is ECCO’s lightest leather golf shoe ever, crafted with perforated Yak leather and an ultra-light E-DTS Light outsole. These shoes deliver fashionable looks, lightweight material and professional level performance. If you are concerned about purchasing golf shoes that turn out to be bulky or heavy, that will certainly not be a worry with these golf shoes. They feel comfortable on your feet and make your feet appear sleek and smaller – not large and clunky.  

The outsole features a wider heel base for improved stability during your golf swing while also being flexible, strong and durable. With a spikeless E-DTS Light outsole, the shoe provides good traction and stability without any spikes. The ECCO Women’s S-Lite Golf Shoe also incorporates a molded leather heel support and inside toe enforcement adding comfort and stability. In addition, the S-Lite Golf Shoe touts a GORE-TEX membrane to ensure comfort. It is completely waterproof and permeable for water vapor. One of the nice features about this shoe is that you can comfortably wear them outside of the course as well. They look like a nice sneaker but have the grip and traction of a golf shoe. 

Adidas Women’s Adipure Sport Golf Shoe

adidas Women's Adipure Sport Golf Shoe

This is another great shoe from Adidas and is a comfortable and attractive option. Offered in 5 different colors, and sizes 5-11, this is a great golf shoe for any level golfer. 

With a fitfoam insole liner adding comfort and support, and a rubber spikeless outsole, the Adipure Golf Shoe is supportive and offers enough traction for the course. The spikeless outsole is extremely flexible yet durable and includes pure motion lugs for optimal traction.This golf shoe also features a more rounded toe and lower ceiling height for improved comfort and aesthetics. These are not entirely waterproof, but they are water resistant and do keep your feet dry if there are wet greens. We wouldn’t recommend jumping in puddles with these but if it’s a dewy morning or lightly raining, you should have dry feet wearing these. 

Callaway Women’s Coronado Golf Shoe

Callaway Women's Coronado Golf Shoe

The Callaway Women’s Coronado Golf Shoe is an excellent option with 6 dura-rubber Softspikes on the sole. The Coronado is made out of microfiber leather and has weatherproof protection, making this a practical option as every player knows a little unexpected rain can appear when you are in the middle of the golf course. With a PLUSfoam insole and an opti-soft EVA midsole, these shoes are extremely comfortable and help your feet feel extra light. They are breathable and are equipped with opti-vent which is a material that allows heat to move away from your feet and allows air to circulate in and out of the shoe.

The Callaway Women’s Coronado Golf Shoes come in either black or white color and are very sleek and minimalistic. They look sharp and timeless; nothing about these shoes will go out of style. They are available in sizes 6-11 with half sizes as well. These are excellent golf shoes that will match all outfits, are comfortable and lightweight, made with high quality materials and have good traction. 

Nike 2020 Women Roshe G Spikeless Golf Shoes

Nike New 2020 Women Roshe G Spikeless Golf Shoes

Fresh in the golf shoe market for 2020, the Nike 2020 Women Roshe G Spikeless Golf Shoes look sleek and fashionable. When wearing these, they feel like normal running shoes on your feet and are comfortable and lightweight. Made with extremely breathable fabric, you can literally feel the air streaming through on your feet when you walk. Due to the lightweight and breathable design however, these are not waterproof. If it is a sunny day and a dry course, these would be a perfect choice. The Nike Women 2020 Roshe Golf Shoes also have a foam midsole, adding comfort when you walk. 

The sole features a spikeless design and helps promote stability and a low profile support. Although they are spikeless, they still effectively grip to the ground to help prevent any slips on wet greens. I love the look of these shoes and if you like the feel of Nike sneakers, you will love these golf shoes!

Final Thoughts

There are tons of golf shoes on the market for women but it comes down to traction, comfort, and design. You want to feel confident and comfortable in your golf shoes while having the support and stability you need while on the course. After reviewing dozens of women’s golf shoes, we have listed our top picks for you to consider and hope that this guide will help you find a comfortable and stylish pair of golf shoes. We found the FootJoy Women’s DryJoys Boa Golf Shoes to be the overall best pair due to the traction, comfort, waterproofing and design. 

Make sure to check out our other guides and thank you for reading!

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